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Behind the scenes

Pinna's Fan Club: Most Valuable Pinners

Apply to join our Most Valuable Pinners Fan Club! Get involved behind the scenes with all your favorite shows. Learn more about the program and how you can participate.

The Pinna Origin Story — How We Got Started, What We're Up To Now, And Where We're Headed

Pinna has always been way ahead of the curve when it comes to audio entertainment for kids.

Are you a longtime listener? Or maybe you only recently subscribed? Either way, you may be wondering how Pinna got its start.

Today, we’re sharing where Pinna began, what they’re up to now, and a few things they hope to accomplish in the future.

Let's Chat With Sam Nisson — An Interview With Talented Pinna Podcast Creator And The Brain Behind Fan Favorite, The "Totally Unauthorized" Series

Back with another behind-the-scenes interview, let’s hear from podcast creator Sam Nisson.

A true creative at heart, Sam has helped put together fan favorite Pinna Original podcasts like Kyle’s Wild World and the Totally Unauthorized shows covering topics like Pokemon, Minecraft, and video games.

Fan Art Feature: Pinna Listener Violet Creates Dream Breachers Island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and You've Gotta Check it Out!

Have you ever dreamed you could visit the world of Dream Breachers? Well, dream no more! Dream Breachers and Pinna superfan, Violet, created “Breachtown,” an Animal Crossing island based on the Pinna Original podcast that recreates the world of Dream Breachers. You can visit Evan’s house and say hello to Dot and Sigmund, play games in the Arcade, camp out in Evan's backyard, and so much more! See if you can spot Nia, as well — but watch out for Henry! He’s lurking somewhere on the island...

Let's Chat — A Q&A Sesh With Talented Pinna Creative, Holly Gregory

Meet Holly Gregory! Pinna creator and collaborator on many Pinna Original shows and audiobooks!

Hear about her career prior to joining the Pinna family, the work she’s done with Pinna, her childhood aspirations, her travel goals, her current playlist, and so much more!

Let's Chat With Carly — One of the Co-Creators of Popular Pinna Original Hey Story Go!

Check out our behind the scenes interview with one of the co-creators of Hey Story Go, Carly Ciarrocchi. She talks how the show came to be, other Pinna projects she's worked on, and you can learn some fun facts about her and her co-creator Marc!

Hear from the creator, Anne Richards, of Quentin & Aflie's ABC Adventures

Hear how Anne took the alphabet and turned it into an audio adventure that helps grow kids phonological awareness of letters and letter sounds!

Cats Knocking Things Off Tables: How Podcast Premises Can Come from Anywhere

Coming up with podcasts for Pinna is a family affair. Find out how the quirky podcast Cats Knocking Things Off Tables came about!

A sit down with Ash & Matt, Creators of Food Crimes on Pinna

Join us in our exclusive behind the scenes interview with Creators of the Pinna Original podcast, Food Crimes!

A sit down with Natasha Tarpley, creator of the Pinna Original podcast Opal Watson: Private Eye

Join us in our exclusive behind the scenes interview with popular author and Pinna contributor, Natasha Tarpley. Creator of the Pinna Original, Opal Waston: Private Eye!

Food Crimes Season 2 Appetizer — Was Justice Served in Season 1?

Food crimes are once again on the rise... will Judge Foodie and the kid-jury be summoned back for another season? Let's check in with our season 1 participants to confirm that's what's needed.

A Sitdown With Shira Ackerman, Educator And Children's Media Expert, On Developing Curriculum For The Pinna Platform

To extend the learning experience, Pinna works directly with educators to put together resources for the classroom that are aligned with national standards and adaptable for kids of varying ages and abilities. Hear from Shira Ackerman, a seasoned educator and curriculum developer, about the process that goes into creating teaching materials for the Pinna site.

An Exclusive Interview with the Star of Pinna Original Mystery Series, Opal Watson Private Eye— Let's Chat with Maya Graves!

To gear up for the second season of this exciting mystery series, Pinna sat down for a chat with the star, Opal Watson herself; or as family and friends know her, Maya Graves. In this candid interview, Maya shares how she got her start as Opal Watson, a bit about the recording process, what she has in common (and what she doesn’t!) with her character, and more.

A sit down with Sharon Bilman, founder of Monkey Bar Collective

Sharon is the face behind much of the Pinna content you and your kids listen to every day. She’s worked on productions like ExtraBLURT, ExtraBLURT Jr., Story Time with Benny and Buddy, A to Z Mysteries: Clue Club, Discover the Forest, and SO many more.

A sit down with Tara Altebrando, creator of Dream Breachers

Join us in our exclusive behind the scenes interview with popular author and Pinna contributor, Tara Altebrando. Creator of the Pinna Original, Dream Breachers and author of The Battle of Darcy Lane, and My Life in Dioramas, which can also be found as audiobooks on Pinna!

A sit down with Ron Roy on all things A to Z Mysteries!

Ahead of our Season 3 launch of A to Z Mysteries: Clue Club, we gave listeners the chance to Ask Ron Roy Anything! Here are some of our favorites from the interview.

Drawing Inspiration From the Day to Day

Get a behind the scenes look into the inspiration for some of the most beloved characters or stories in the Pinna Original podcast Dream Breachers

Pinna Staff Summer Picks Are In - Hear What We Are Listening To... and Why!

The dog days of summer are upon us and we're sharing our favorite listens, perfect for the season!

Art Imitates Life in the Cover for My Life in Dioramas

Go behind the scenes to learn how the artwork for My Life in Dioramas was made. Hint: It's an actual diorama!

Hear What Pinna Staff are Listening for Spring - and Why!

With spring in the air and earbuds in our ears, we’re sharing our favorite listens for the season.

A sit down with Adam Gidwitz on all things Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest

Ahead of our Season 3 launch of Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest, we gave listeners the chance to Ask Adam Anything! Here are some of our favorites from the interview.

The Truth About Food Crimes: What They Are and How to Spot Them

What is the Food Court? What is a Food Crime? We've got all the delicious answers!

Pinna staff share their favorite winter listens - and why!

Ever wonder what we, at Pinna, are listening to? We're sharing our current picks for the season. So snuggle up, and take a listen to these suggestions!

Bringing Dreams to Life: Behind the Scenes of Dream Breachers

How we made this: Get behind the scenes of the Pinna Original podcast Dream Breachers to learn how a global pandemic and innovative solutions created two worlds.

The Origins of Dream Breaching and Why Some Stories are Just Better with Audio

Tara Altebrando, acclaimed middle-grade and young adult (YA) author shares how she decided to make Dream Breachers an audio-first story, and why it makes for a better podcast than a novel.