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Pinna staff share their favorite winter listens - and why!

With thousands of podcasts, audiobooks, music, and more it may feel a bit daunting to pick a place to start exploring Pinna. So, we've challenged the Pinna staff to pick 3 titles of what they are currently listening to, or would recommend. It wasn't easy....

The list spans mystery, adventure, comedy and even soundscapes!

Here is a roundup of Pinna staff favorites for the winter:

Brie - Marketing Manager

  1. The Battle of Darcy Lane
    Here's a book I can totally relate to. When I was younger, we had four elementary schools that merged into one middle school creating new friendships and, I'll admit, jealousy! This book reminds me so much of one of my all time favorite YA reads, the The Clique Series, which had me hooked growing up.

  2. Hero Hotel
    The FIRST podcast I listened to when starting at Pinna, and still one of my favorites. I kept finding myself on the edge of my (subway) seat, looking forward to my daily commute to hear more. Something about it, I just couldn't stop listening (and laughing).

  3. Emma-Made Lemonade
    The math nerd in me loves this podcast. As a 27-year old adult, Emma still feels like a role model to me. I love her energy, passion, and most importantly her genuine desire to do the right thing.

Amy - Director of Development and Children's Programming

  1. Mackaroy Uncovered
    My job is full of spoilers. From pitches to scripts to early listens, I know the twists and turns of all of our Pinna Original podcasts ahead of time. When I heard ABC Australia's Mackaroy Uncovered, where 14-year-old friends investigate conspiracy theories in their town, I was riveted. The cliffhangers hooked me and I listened to the whole series in one sitting.

  2. Study Beats: Tunnel
    I listen to our study beats all the time when I'm working. I love them all, but Tunnel puts me in a particularly happy place.

  3. TIME for Kids Explains
    I'm an avid listener of news podcasts, so I particularly love the fresh perspective of the TFK kid reporters. I'm optimistic about the future as I hear this thoughtful and engaged group of kids. Plus I like playing Fact or Fishy.

Ash - Senior Production Manager

  1. Study Beats: Woodland
    This is such a good track with chill vibes. There are no lyrics, so it's perfect for listening to while I'm trying to get work done.

  2. Anytime Art
    This is a great listen and do together podcast, project 8 (Food Art) is a personal fav, but they are all fun ways to spend an afternoon.

  3. Sarah & Duck
    I am a huge fan of the TV show, and love the podcast just as much! The characters are charming, the voices are warm and calming, and the humor is perfectly British.

Sandra - Director of Marketing

  1. Owl Moon
    I love the sweet relationship between a daughter (at least I imagine it being a girl) and her dad as they go on a night walk. It's especially poignant to me since it reminds me of my own dad, who I recently lost. Plus, listening to this in an audio format makes me think about the magic found in silence and nature - two things I ironically love despite living in Manhattan.

  2. The Fairy Tree
    When I was younger (and still to this day) I loved "Choose Your Own Adventure" books, oftentimes backtracking or starting over if I didn't like how my story ended. The Fairy Tree is an audio version of a choose your own adventure, which lets me create a new story every time I listen.

  3. Crime Origins: A Hero Hotel Investigation
    As a true crime podcast fanatic, this hits the spot in a very kid-friendly way!

Irving - Senior Manager, Finance & Accounting

  1. Emma-Made Lemonade
    It may sound biased as the finance manager, but without knowing the theme of the podcast, this was actually the first piece of content I listened to on Pinna. When I was in school, entrepreneurship and financial literacy were not topics covered heavily in curriculums, and I think this podcast brings light to these spaces in a fun and entertaining way.

  2. Study Beats: Light
    I have either Study Beats: Light or Study Beats: Tunnel playing in the background while working sometimes; Entertaining tunes while allowing you to still concentrate.

  3. 5 for 5 Trivia
    This is my niece's favorite podcast on Pinna and shouldn't be missed!

Hilary - Director of Product

  1. HiLL-LaRRy-uS
    How could I NOT love this show - the main character has my name! So fun to check out the latest jokes and repeat them to my 15 year olds at dinner!

  2. Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest
    I love Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest so much because it makes me feel like a kid again - the stories and kids' responses are transfixing.

  3. Where the Wild Things Are
    This story used to be my now teenage boys' favorite when they were little and makes me smile to this day.

Anne - Executive Producer

  1. Quentin and Alfie's ABC Adventures
    More specifically Episode 17: Q is for Quentin because I love how this episode turns the tables with Alfie taking Quentin out for the day and surprising him with an adventure for his birthday.

  2. TIME for Kids Explains
    Episode 6: Week of September 28, 2020
    was really special because we were able to react in real time to the news and have the TFK kid reporters reflect on the life of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the week after her death.

  3. The Start
    I love the experiment with format in this podcast and like Episode 2: Explore in particular. The space exploration theme is exciting and can spur kids to a lot of fun imaginative adventures.

Nerissa - Senior Producer

  1. Piper and the Dots
    My 5-year old twins listen to Piper and the Dots on repeat and I have overheard them playing "Dots" with toys as stand ins for the characters.

  2. Discover the Forest
    My family loves to listen to Discover the Forest because of the playful family dynamics and focus on being outdoors.

  3. Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus
    I'm a big fan of Mo Willems and love Edwina because of the jazzy soundtrack. But, Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus is our family's favorite because my kids love to scream "NO!"

Thaddeus - Production Coordinator

  1. Dream Breachers
    I'm a fan of mysteries and adventures and Dream Breachers fits the bill. This show is a wild ride from the first episode, it's easy to get hooked as you try to predict what will happen next.

  2. This Podcast Has Fleas
    This podcast has everything you need for a good comedy: pets, dueling podcasts, and catchy music. What more can you ask for?

  3. Study Beats: Tunnel
    The music is upbeat, sounds fantastic and is perfect for any setting (studying, cleaning, going for a drive, etc.)

We’re all ears!

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Pinna staff

Pinna staff