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Quentin and Alfie's ABC Adventures

Join Alfie and his babysitter, Quentin, on alphabet adventures spanning A to Z. Each day, they journey down a magical sidewalk to fantastic destinations where they explore letter sounds, sing songs, and meet new friends.

1 - A is for Adventure (14 min)

Alfie and his babysitter Quentin visit an amusement park on an alphabet adventure all about the letter "A."

2 - B is for Baseball (14 min)

It's batter up as Quentin and Alfie go to a baseball game to explore the big, busy letter "B."

3 - C is for Cupcakes (14 min)

Quentin and Alfie visit a bakery where they learn more about the letter "C" – and make a big batch of colorful cupcakes!

4 - D is for Dolphin (13 min)

Doris the Dolphin delights Quentin and Alfie with her amazing dolphin show in this dazzing "D" adventure.

5 - E is for Energy (14 min)

Quentin and Alfie visit a bustling park where they are in for an exciting, energetic adventure all about "E."

6 - F is for Farm (12 min)

At Finn's Fantastic Farm of Farmingville, Quentin and Alfie have a fun-filled day all about the letter "F."

7 - G is for Go Go Go (12 min)

Quentin and Alfie get up and go with the letter "G" when they visit a busy Go Kart track.

8 - H is for Horses (14 min)

It's time to say "Howdy!" when Quentin and Alfie visit a horse ranch to explore all things "H."

9 - I is for Igloo (12 min)

Quentin and Alfie bundle up for a chilly adventure in the Arctic to find out more about the letter "I."

10 - J is for Jump (13 min)

At the trampoline park, Quentin and Alfie jump, jiggle, and make jokes all about the letter "J."

11 - K is for Kangaroo (12 min)

Quentin and Alfie visit the outback to explore the letter "K" with koalas and kangaroos.

12 - L is for Lake (12 min)

It's a lovely day at the lake, as Quentin and Alfie look, listen, and learn all about the letter "L."

13 - M is for Music (11 min)

Quentin and Alfie visit a concert hall to hear many things that start with the letter "M," from music to mooing.

14 - N is for No (13 min)

Alfie's little cousin Nina comes along for this "N," adventure, but it's tricky babysitting a toddler who seems to only know one word -- "No!"

15 - O is for Octopus (14 min)

Quentin and Alfie go out on a boat trip to learn about "O," meeting otters and an octopus, and even signing some opera along the way!

16 - P is for Putt Putt (12 min)

On this "P" adventure, Quentin and Alfie visit Pirate Pete's Putt Putt, where the best mini golf games end with pizza.

17 - Q is for Quentin (14 min)

Alfie surprises Quentin for his birthday with a special show that's all about Alfie's favorite "Q" of all -- Quentin!

18 - R is for Rodeo (11 min)

It's a roping, riding, rocking good time at the Rodeo, as Quentin and Alfie learn all about the letter "R.

19 - S is for Sand (11 min)

Quentin and Alfie enjoy the sun and sand at the beach in this silly, sandy, "S" adventure.

20 - T is for Train (13 min)

It's all aboard as Quentin and Alfie board a train to explore the totally terrific letter "T."

21 - U is for Up, Up, and Away (13 min)

Quentin and Alfie hit the skies in a hot air balloon, going up, up, up as they learn all about the letter "U."

22 - V is for Vroom Vroom (13 min)

Quentin and Alfie vroom around the desert in their very own dune buggy for this very vibrant "V" adventure.

23 - W is for Waterpark (11 min)

It's a wacky, wild, and wonderful day when Quentin and Alfie visit a waterpark to explore the letter "W."

24 - X is for X Marks the Spot (13 min)

Quentin and Alfie search for buried treasure in this exciting, extraordinary adventure where "X" marks the spot

25 - Y is for You (13 min)

For this "Y" adventure, Quentin tells Alfie this adventure is "All about you!" and brings him to a playground to do some of his favorite things.

26 - Z is for Zoo (13 min)

As they reach the end of the alphabet, Quentin and Alfie zip around the zoo to learn all about "Z."

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