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What our listeners are saying

“It's my new favorite thing! Anyone with kids ages 3-12 needs Pinna Audio!”
~ Whitney - Orlando, FL
“Love the content, my kiddo is hooked.”
~ Yolanda, USA
“I’m the dad of two biracial kids and can I say it’s been tough finding quality podcast for them with Black lead characters, and ABC Adventures was our saving grace!!!”
~ Marcos - United States
“My kids love it. They laugh, they get curious. People always gasp when my kids ask to listen to podcasts on PINNA. It’s helping their growth in a big way.”
~ App Store Review
“I LOVE that it’s not just more screen time and really encourages imagination and listening skills.”
~ App Store Review
“Thank you for putting such great content out there for our young people.”
~ Alexandra, Charlotte, NC
“My students love love Pinna!!!! They ask for it everyday.:)”
~ Selena, 5th Grade Teacher - TX
“Still think it's amazing been three years”
~ Alessandra - Google Play Store
“Me, the kids, my wife we all love [Quentin & Alfie's ABC Adventures]!! We go back and to the series repeatedly. The strong writing, the creative and catchy songs, the compassion, confidence, tenderness of Quentin I real could go on. And on.”
~ Raina - United States
“My students absolutely love Pinna. I have 22 kids in my class and they all can find something that interests them!”
~ 3rd Grade Teacher
“I have a 7 year old and 10 year old at home who ask to listen to Pinna before bed each night! So glad to get them off YouTube!!”
~ Shana, Boyerstown, PA
“Free content is awesome but the paid content is absolutely worth every penny! My 4 year old listens to podcasts on Pinna daily!”
~ App Store Review
“Have been absolutely loving Pinna! Kids are 6 and 4 and they stay quiet and listen to every word.”
~ Google Play Review
“We listen to 5 for 5 Trivia every morning on the drive to school. Motivates them to be ready on time and something to look forward to.”
~ Sarah, Sacramento, CA
“The quality and variety of the content pleases both my kids, even with an almost 4 year age difference.”
~ App Store Review
“My family *loves* Pinna! My kids are always asking to listen to various stories - it has seriously been such a game changer on long car rides! I am a huge fan!”
~ Katherine
“My kids and I binged all three seasons (of Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest) over the last week. It’s the first entertainment all three (11, 8, and 5) are excited to turn on together!”
~ Social Media Post
“A great variety of fiction & non fiction books, podcasts, music, games, quizzes & some podcasts offer worksheets!”
~ Susan - App Store Review
“It makes car rides easier, naptime smoother and is a great tool to pull out of my back pocket when needed.”
~ App Store Review
“The whole family love what Pinna has to offer, and it's great to have content listed by age as well. It's wonderful to be able to have an ad free experience for the kids. (no more annoying honey nut Cheerios ads, huzzah!)”
~ Google Play Review - Alex
“I think it's a great ad/purchase free environment that keeps kids off screens while being very engaging. Works on listening comprehension as well.”
~ Mike - App Store Review
“Our 8 and 5 year old have been listening (to Grimm) for over a year - and despite having heard them all several times, not only do the kids still enjoy them, the rest of the family does, too (mom, dad, and 3 teenage sisters).”
~ Kary, NY
“We love the variety and curation of the content. So many great titles, multiple seasons. This is the only thing we listen to in our car”
~ App Store Review
“My kids LOVE Pinna. They listen to it every day, sometimes multiple times!”
~ Liz, Utica, NY
“Amazing for parents trying to curb screen-time.... I definitely prefer this over all the video streaming apps because it makes your kids use their imagination. There is a ton of content new and old. Can’t recommend this service enough!”
~ App Store Review
“I LOVEEEEEE your podcast it is awesome!”
~ Mila, Age 11
“This is a great compliment to screen time & I highly suggest it for homeschool families. Having the little ones completely on audio helps develop different parts of the brain that screen time or physical/manual work.”
~ Susan - App Store Review
“Pinna has been a godsend for our family during this pandemic. We have all spent hours and hours learning and sharing new knowledge. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!”
~ Colleen - Boston, MA
“Yes some audiobooks are available for free from the library but Pinna is worth it for our family for the Pinna original podcasts.... Love Pinna!”
~ Google Play Review
“The music and sound effects are great additions and really add a lot. Love the variety, my 6 year old loves the 5 for 5 trivia show to learn new things in 5 minutes.”
~ App store review
“A gift card to Pinna is going to be my new birthday gift for kids of all ages!”
~ App Store Review
“Looooooove Pinna. My (personal) kiddos and I listen to it in the car daily and my school kiddos listen to it daily during dismissal.”
~ Sarah, Aledo, TX, 2nd Grade Teacher
“The content, both original and from other sources, is first rate. We started with a free trial in December, and it pays for itself in offering quality, commercial free, audio content.”
~ Google Play Review
“I never knew how much I needed Pinna in my life until we had it! After struggling to find audio tapes and podcasts that could appeal to both of my kids, we are so delighted to have Pinna in our parenting toolbox!”
~ Jackie, Brooklyn, NY, Kids 5 & 7 1/2
“We listen as a family and (my son) listens on his own! We trust that the content will be appropriate and educational — and we don’t worry about inappropriate ads in between episodes, like we experienced with other podcast apps.”
~ App store review
“Listening to shows has become part of our after school routine. We have a snack and listen to the newest episodes of our favorites. So much easier than trying to discover kids shows in the podcast app. We love it!”
~ App Store Review
“Best stories and super creative storytellers!!”
~ Google Play
“I would just like to say I absolutely love your work. We use your content a lot in my class. We especially love Extra Blurt.”
~ Kerry, Helena, MT, 4th Grade Teacher
“I have cancelled Netflix and now do this with our grandson. All audio. No screen time yet entertaining.”
~ Ann, Neehalem, OR
“I absolutely love this idea!! I don’t mind paying the small fee to ensure my daughter doesn't accidentally click some out-of-context ad.”
~ Google Play Review
“Love the shows for long or short trips - we’re a completist on maybe a dozen shows - just got into Don’t Break the Rules.”
~ Karl, Woodbridge, VA
“This is fantastic! Have always loved audiobooks as [a] way to entertain kids without video. But this is even better!”
~ App Store Review
“We love you guys, and use the app every day!”
~ Rebecca, Panama City, FL
“My kids are hooked on Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest. Awesome app for kids! We love Pinna!”
~ Kristine, Montgomery, AL, Kids 4 & 6
“Me and my kids listen to this App FAITHFULLY. It makes car rides so much better and since everything is kid friendly no need to swap apps... I am so glad I found [Pinna].”
~ App Store Review
“My girls LOVE it. They listen to it on the way to school often. They love Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest. The host is a GREAT storyteller! My kids love how he engages listeners as well as the "live audience" in the classroom.”
~ Alex, Tampa, FL, Kids 4 & 8
“There are so many quality shows on Pinna, I don’t know where to begin – driving 20 minutes to daycare or driving hours to a nearby city, there are so many shows that keep my boys entertained....”
~ App Store Review
“My [kids] love podcasts and we all enjoy sharing in the stories while also being more present with our surroundings. Staring at a screen doesn't give us that connection. We also love the selection and variety on Pinna. Love it!”
~ Jeremiah, Kids 7 & 11
“Love this app! Fantastic ad free, kid friendly experience with amazing podcasts.”
~ Google Play Review
“We love Pinna and originally started listening to The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel as part of a personal narrative unit. We then listened to Grim, Grimmer, Grimmest during our fairy tales unit.”
~ Dana, Albuquerque, NM, 4th Grade Teacher
“I LOVE this app. So many great choices. My kids ask to listen every time we’re in the car!”
~ Stephanie, Monument, CO, Kids 5, 8, 10
“Podcast Friday! The morning group is listening to The Ghost of JM and The afternoon group is listening to Mars Patel! Grade 6s love the story lines and the questions lead to great discussions!”
~ Leslie, Ottawa Ontario, 6th Grade Teacher
“The whole family love what Pinna has to offer, and it's great to have content listed by age as well. It's wonderful to be able to have an ad free experience for the kids.”
~ Google Play Review
“I love the idea behind [Pinna] and think the price is great for the amount of books.”
~ App Store Review
“We love Pinna. Good stories and my kid LOVES the Sugar Monster program!”
~ Brenda, Facebook Fan
“Love using Pinna during our dismissal transition.”
~ Andrea, Kindergarten Teacher
“My son and I enjoy our Pinna subscription on an almost daily basis, listening and re-listening to favorite stories. It's a high-quality curation and there's always something new to explore. I predict we will be listening for at least a few more years.”
~ Emerald, Breckenridge, CO, Son 8
“We can absolutely replace TV with this!”
~ Dave, Boston, MA, Kids 1 & 3
“We are LOVING Pinna. Especially Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest! My kids are now asking to listen to something on Pinna every time we get in the car & car rides are so much more enjoyable.”
~ Darien, Dallas, TX, Kids 6 & 8
“We’ve been listening to Pinna for at least two years now. Thankful for screen free listening!!!!”
~ Bonnie, Raleigh, NC
“I added 30 minutes of Pinna as one of our prizes in our class store. I love that I don’t have to worry about the content or any commercials when they want to listen independently.”
~ Dana, Albuquerque, NM, 4th Grade Teacher
“Can’t imagine getting through summer without Pinna. Perfect companion for drives, weekends and promoting active listening. I’m a hit with the carpool.”
~ App Store Review
“A long, trafficky car ride turned into a delight as they both listened happily to Pinna’s picture books and called out answers to Extra Blurt, the game show podcast.”
~ Mom, New York, NY, Kids 5 & 7
“We love Pinna! As a homeschooling mom this is a great addition to our school day!”
~ Brittany, Kids 4 & 5
“I am a nanny and drive my girls to school and activities... This app is saving my sanity! The audio books keep their minds engaged and the fighting/arguing/bickering to almost zero.... We are addicted!”
~ App Store Review
“Love this app! ...We are loving the variety of stories and the joke of the day on Hill-Larry-Us is definitely a favorite....”
~ App Store Review
“We love it! Thanks for making our drive home better! (Plus something they can all agree on and giggle about for hours after!!)”
~ Michelle, Queensland, Australia
“One of our favorite new finds.... We love listening to things in the car and before bedtime.”
~ Stacy, Citrus Heights, CA
“We love Pinna!! Best part is, it’s all kid friendly.”
~ Amazon Customer
“Pinna is a staple in our household. I have two daughters, ages 7 & 11. At bedtime, after we read them a story or two, we let them listen to audiobooks as they are going to sleep... Definitely an app worth checking out if you want to foster a love of reading in your child!”
~ App Store Review
“My kiddo loves these [Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest] stories! Instead of wanting to watch TV he wants to listen to stories.”
~ Apple Podcast Review
“For engaging, thought-provoking, ad-free content, it's tough to beat Pinna's classroom-friendly offerings for the price.”
~ Common Sense Education
“Thank you for this wonderful service. For a no TV family this has been the best investment!”
~ Anju, New Bern, NC
“This is an amazing app that every parent needs! It’s not the cheapest subscription, BUT it’s worth every penny for the wealth of content.”
~ App Store Review
“I nanny and I’m so happy I found this app! Especially the Grimm series!”
~ Emily, Cincinnati, OH
“My 2 1/2 year old loves listening to stories in the car and at home and the endless amount of audio books on this app keeps him happy. I look forward to years of subscribing...”
~ App Store Review
“We love Pinna for the car or going to sleep. It's the best!”
~ Google Play Review
“They are begging for it the moment they set foot in the car! Sometimes we have to sit in the driveway and finish before we can go in the house upon our return!”
~ Jo, Virginia Beach, VA
“It's the best! I've used a lot of different educational apps this past year and Pinna is by far my favorite. I love that it's safe for little ears. Even I listen!”
~ Whitney
“My students and I listen everyday. You bring excitement and SILENCE to our art room.”
~ Erin, Kansas City, MO
“We love Pinna! Our son loooooooves the Furrytones.”
~ Elizabeth, Glen Ellyn, IL
“My five-year-old has been loving the story podcasts. It's been great to have something to entertain him that is not a screen.”
~ Google Play Review
“We've been finding audio books and podcasts on different sites but it's great to have 1 cumulative place for them!”
~ Amira
“We love Pinna!! The bedtime stories for little Explorers has been a godsend lately!”
~ Angela, Phoenix, AZ
“Thank you! I love this app and the [podcasts] available on it are fantastic. I like to load up a bunch of shows so I don't have to look at my phone while I'm driving. The playlist feature helps us find new [content].”
~ Google Play Review
“My 6-year old had gotten hooked on the screen during quarantine and it was starting to change is personality. Nope! I deleted YouTube and he got Pinna instead. Guess what? He loves it! Looking forward to... getting my sweet, curious, lovable kid back.”
~ Stephen, Austin, TX
“My recently turned 12 yr old is not the biggest reading fan, yet she LOVES listening to her audiobooks on the app! She just told me that she is looking forward to exploring more!!! This is a Win/Win!!”
~ Amazon Review
“Great content for both my boys (age 3 and 7). They love it while they are in the car and when they are hanging at home. Our favorite is Don't Break the Rules!”
~ Google Play Review
“We are in the car a lot and Pinna has made that time a lot more pleasant! I have yet to find other programming that keeps my kids’ attention like theirs does. Thank you, Pinna!”
~ App Store Review
“My girls LOVE Pinna. It has been such a wonderful way to keep their minds occupied during the day and away from screens. They listen to it for hours while doing puzzles or crafts.”
~ Erica S.
“Great non-screen alternative - I love that my kiddos are listening to audiobooks and podcasts instead of looking at a screen! The selection is also great - healthy and positive content for little ears.”
~ App Store Review
“I love love love Pinna, and so does my 6yr old. It is well worth the subscription, for her to listen to books and educational podcasts and get off the screen time on occasion.”
~ Amazon Review
“We love the Pinna app... We are happy to pay a reasonable subscription fee for quality content and engaging stories and Pinna has many of them. We appreciate it!”
~ App Store Review
“Thank you for putting forward such great content and keeping imagination alive... Grimm Grimmer, Grimmest quickly became a favorite....our daughter has immensely enjoyed Opal Watson - Private Eye! Clue Club and Upside Down Magic...Job well done!”
~ The Barakats
“Pandemic necessity! My preschooler loves Pinna- especially the dots!”
~ App Store Review
“This is an amazing podcast app for kids!! There are so so many stories that are so good. I love this for long drives and road trips. One of my favorite things to do is plug in some headphones and Start listening to pinna.”
~ App Store Review
“We listen to their original content and Audiobooks all the time. My 2 sons (ages 5 and 8) love their content (and I do too)!”
~ Amazon Review
“Fantastic variety and masterful storytelling”
~ App Store Review
“We’ve just started our free trial and the kids have set a plan to work towards paying for their subscription!! Mom here is looking forward to having podcasts, audiobooks, and music for my kids in one, safe place they can navigate.”
~ App Store Review
“Offers tons of high-quality audio productions that teachers can use to introduce topics, supplement classroom lessons, or simply entertain.”
~ Common Sense Education
“I love everything from the safety to listening while playing! This is awesome!”
~ Aubrey
“I love this app - original content is wonderful and it has a great range of other content!”
~ Google Play Review
“The app works great. The kids love it. The stories are age appropriate.”
~ Google Play Review