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Turn your classroom into an active listening lab!

Get your students learning and participating with Pinna – the only audio on-demand streaming service custom made for grades Pre-K - 6th.

  • Podcasts
  • Audiobooks
  • Music

Why use Pinna in the classroom?

  • Engage students with high quality content - screen-free

  • Build listening, vocabulary & comprehension skills

  • Model language fluency & expression

  • Develop motivation to read & make stories accessible to all learners

  • Enhance curriculum with FREE resources

  • Securely share your account with students using Class Codes

FREE teaching resources

Pinna offers young learners a wide variety of original and exclusive podcasts that have been carefully vetted by experts in the cognitive development field with resources designed and developed by experienced curriculum builders.

Share Pinna with your students using class codes

During school hours, 8am – 4pm, Monday through Friday, students can use your class account to listen from anywhere—safely and securely!

  • Provide free, unlimited, access
  • Create playlists for each student
  • Listen as a class or individually
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Unlimited access to 3,000+ podcast episodes, audiobooks and music including 60+ exclusive Pinna Originals
Compelling characters, vivid storytelling, and interactive game shows to engage kids from breakfast to bedtime
Screen-free, Ad-free, and no in-app purchases
Kid-tested & kid-approved audio content
Download and listen offline - any time, anywhere
Hear new content weekly - all year long
Create custom playlists
Discover new favorites by genre or age
KidSAFE Certified with kid-friendly navigation
Support multiple listeners with one account
No hidden fees. Switch options or cancel anytime.

10 Super Simple Ways Teachers Can Fund a Pinna Subscription for The Classroom

Are you a teacher loving Pinna in your classroom? And are you looking for ways to fund a subscription? If you answered yes to both questions, keep reading!

We’ve got 10 ways teachers can fund a Pinna subscription for the classroom.

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“For engaging, thought-provoking, ad-free content, it's tough to beat Pinna's classroom-friendly offerings for the price.”
~ Common Sense Education
“I absolutely love your work. We use your content a lot in my class. We especially love ExtraBLURT.”
~ Kerry, 4th Grade
“We listened to The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel as part of a personal narrative unit and then listened to Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest during our fairy tales unit.”
~ Dana, 4th Grade
“Love using Pinna during our dismissal transition!”
~ Andrea, Kindergarten
“I added 30 minutes of Pinna as one of our prizes in our class store. I love that I don't have to worry... when they want to listen independently.”
~ Dana, 4th Grade
“My students and I listen everyday. You bring excitement and SILENCE to our art room.”
~ Erin, K-6th

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