Piper and the Dots - Pinna

Piper and the Dots

New episodes every Thursday! Piper and the Dots follows a playful preschooler named Piper and three musical Dots as they joyfully find adventure around their home and neighborhood. So get ready to splash in the bath, skip through a sprinkler and sing with a songbird as you tag along on an interactive, musical playdate with Piper!

1 - Bubbles (9 min)

Blue is reluctant to get into the bath. Splash along as Piper and the Dots show Blue what makes bathtime fun.

2 - Pancakes (8 min)

Yellow is hungry! Mix the batter with Piper to get breakfast on the table fast.

3 - Playground (9 min)

Slide, swing and skip through the sprinklers with Piper and the Dots as they learn how to take turns.

4 - Bedtime (8 min)

Some Dots are sleepy, others are not. (We’re looking at you, Red!) Help Piper get the Dots ready for bed.

5 - Clean Up (9 min)

It’s almost dinnertime, but Blue and Red struggle to stop their fun. Play along as Piper and the Dots take their toys for one last spin.

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