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Discover the Forest

New Episodes Every Thursday! Discover the Forest through the eyes and ears of the Velez family as they visit various parks, forests, trails, and mountains. Whether they're exploring by canoes in the Mangroves, or hiking up the Appalachian trail in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Velez family is always enjoying a natural wonder.

1 - Inwood Hill Park, New York (19 min)

An afternoon in their local forests gets the Velez family excited for their cross country adventure.

2 - McAfee Knob, Virginia (17 min)

A day hike on the Appalachian Trail challenges Tavo to reach the top, step by step.

3 - Urban Food Forest at Browns Mill, Georgia (19 min)

The family visits a food forest in Atlanta, where they are introduced to new friends and even a new fruit.

4 - Nine Mile Pond, Florida (20 min)

A kayaking tour with their uncles and cousins brings the family together to explore the Mangrove trees in the Everglades.

5 - Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie Preserve, Illinois (20 min)

The Velezes discover there’s more to the prairie than meets the eye.