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Emma-Made Lemonade

Emma Pennyworth is an 11-year-old girl who just happens to run an international lemonade-stand empire with her younger brother Polonius. From her headquarters — a giant factory in her backyard — Emma manages a global network of lemonade stands to benefit the Home for Awesome Ducklings. Of course, when Emma started, life was not a bowl of lemons. But now she’s the most successful kid in the world — and she’s going to tell the story of how she got there and what she learned along the way.

1 - Quack In Time (14 min)

Come inside Emma’s crazy lemonade factory as she tells the tale of how she became a sweet, successful superstar! It all started in the fourth grade — on a field trip to the farm…

2 - The Money Pitts (12 min)

If Emma wants to buy a duckling, she’s going have to earn some money! But how? Unlike lemons, money doesn’t grow on trees…

3 - Make Change For Ducklings (16 min)

Emma and Polonius meet a duckling named Norman who introduces them to an amazing place and a whole new reason for earning money.

4 - Emma Makes A Stand (14 min)

Emma finally knows what she’s going to sell. But does she have the right recipe for success?

5 - And Now, A Bird From Our Sponsor (15 min)

Emma's lemonade stand is open for business, but where are all the customers? Emma needs to get the word out — and let the bird out! Squawk!

6 - Easy Squeezy (14 min)

Business is booming, but Emma can’t squeeze lemons fast enough. Can a new friend save the day?

7 - A Dip In The Profits (14 min)

Norman learns the first rule of business: Never swim in the lemonade!

8 - Battle Of The Stands (15 min)

Here comes Nicky Nickels — with his very own lemonade stand! Let the competition begin!

9 - The Loan Danger (17 min)

Emma needs more money. Maybe she can borrow some. But from where?

10 - Hiccup! (18 min)

When Emma decides to open a second lemonade stand, she gets a big surprise. Will Emma-Made Lemonade ever be the same?

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