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Dream Breachers

New episodes every other Monday! When a tween boy discovers that he has the ability to move freely between the world of dreams and reality, he quickly finds himself living a nightmare. With the help of his friends and an organization called the Dream Academy, Evan must confront his greatest fears to discover what it means to be a Dream Breacher. Webby Award Honoree

Season 1

0 - Trailer (1 min)

1 - Evan’s Not Afraid of Anything (33 min)

Evan gets his dream present for his birthday, but not in the way he was expecting.

2 - If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It (36 min)

With the help of Marco and Emi, Evan experiments with his new ability.

3 - Dreams for Sale (31 min)

What's the Dream Academy? And what's with the marbles? Evan and his friends try to learn more.

4 - Do Goldfish Dream? (33 min)

Garvan fills Evan in on the world of Dream Breachers. Evan tries to help people in the new way that he can.

5 - Whose Dream is This, Anyway? (36 min)

Evan, Marco and Emi plan a backyard sleepover to try something risky.

6 - You Look Like You Need a Nap (28 min)

Evan's dreams start to get him into trouble while he looks for Anna and the golden kilner.

7 - I Can Explain (34 min)

It's time to get answers from the Dream Academy.

8 - Who’s the Girl? (30 min)

Evan learns more about his past, and Anna makes a surprise appearance.

9 - We Have to Stop Him: Part 1 (36 min)

The friends scramble to get Evan ready to have the golden kilner dream.

10 - We Have to Stop Him: Part 2 (33 min)

Anna, still reeling from Crowley's news, tries to stop Evan.

Season 2

0 - Previously on Dream Breachers (3 min)

Spoiler warning! Hear a recap of season 1.

1 - Why is She Like That? (34 min)

Evan prepares to have the silver kilner dream to help Anna.

2 - Other People's Dreams (31 min)

Evan needs to reach Anna in her dreams, so he gets some practice with his friends.

3 - Let's Wake Up (25 min)

It's time to repeat the silver kilner dream. Meanwhile, something dire happens at the Dream Academy.

4 - The Friend on the Other Side (33 min)

The friends try to track down Henry. Evan gets a vivid lesson in dream breacher history.

5 - Shattered Dreams (34 min)

Evan comes face to face with the Ancient Order, then helps Anna investigate the workshop where it all began.

6 - The End of an Era (27 min)

The friends hatch a plan to stop Henry, but are struggling to know who to trust.

7 - Sleeping Near the Dead (32 min)

Evan visits an ancestor for answers.

8 - Message in a Bottle (33 min)

Thomas gives Evan a kilner with a surprising origin.

9 - Giant Steps (34 min)

Anna uses her newly-discovered power to prepare to face Henry.

10 - In One Dream and Out Another (33 min)

Evan must reach Henry in London... by way of the school dance.

Season 3

1 - Going Viral (35 min)

A video of Evan goes viral, and now the world wants to know more about dream breaching.

2 - Lights! Camera! Breach! (35 min)

A movie director takes a particular interest in Evan, and Marco and Emi learn some Hollywood history.

3 - Look Who the Cat Dragged In (34 min)

The friends worry about Anna's obsession with her new power, and Evan learns more about his connection with Janxy.

4 - Henry Goes to Hollywood (35 min)

Important kilners are missing, things are disappearing, and something is wrong with the breach. Henry and Oscar share information that could help them both.

5 - You're Not Going to Like It (32 min)

With the cave disaster looming, the friends try to figure out when they can help, when they can't, and when they shouldn't.

6 - The Woman in Room 1204 (27 min)

Henry has a hard time finding helpful friends, and Anna, Nia and Janxy learn about an old friend of Helen's.

7 - Are YOU a Dream Breacher? (27 min)

There's a direct plea from for Dream Breachers to help with the cave disaster in the news. Emi and Marco make a plan to try to be useful.

8 - Goodnight, Sigmund (29 min)

The breach is taking more and more back, and Evan learns why.

9 - Once More Unto the Breach (25 min)

Marco and Emi use the seeing eye kilner halves, Evan tries one of Anna's new kilners, and Nancy makes a plan with the breacher kilner.

10 - Roll Credits (29 min)

The friends face the fact that this could be the end of breaching as they know it.