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Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest

Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest is a wildly enchanting fairy tale podcast series made in partnership with Adam Gidwitz, bestselling author of A Tale Dark and Grimm. Weaving in and out of a classroom of witty grade-schoolers and a world full of curious creatures and mischievous foes, each episode features a Grimm fairy tale retold with a surprising flourish. Your kid can listen in as the students anticipate plot twists and question the logic of these very Grimm tales!

Season 1

1 - Rumpelstiltskin (21 min)

The classic tale, as you’ve never heard it before. On a scale of Grimm, Grimmer, and Grimmest, this episode is Grimmer.

2 - Hans My Hedgehog (19 min)

A half-boy, half-hedgehog sets out into the world in search of a best friend. This episode is Grimmer.

3 - The Iron Stove (25 min)

The epic tale of a selfish princess, an enchanted talking stove, and a very odd adventure. This episode is Grimm.

4 - The Glass Coffin (22 min)

The curious tale of a boy who stumbles upon a sleeping princess, a raging bull, and some powerful magic. This episode is Grimmest.

5 - The Musicians of Bremen Town (14 min)

The classic tale of four animals who form a band, make some music, and find some trouble. This episode is Grimmer.

6 - The Peasant’s Clever Daughter (21 min)

The story of how a clever little girl faces off against the most powerful emperor in the world. This episode is Grimmer.

7 - The Old Lady in the Woods (18 min)

A little girl’s family disappears in the forest. In her quest to find them, she meets a mysterious fox and a frightening old lady. This episode is Grimmest.

8 - Princess Parrot (18 min)

A stuck-up prince meets his match and learns a valuable lesson. This episode is Grimm.

9 - Little Chick (12 min)

In this absurd and magical tale, an old cook decides to eat two little children—if she can catch them. This episode is Grimmer.

10 - The Water of Life (20 min)

An old king falls ill, and his youngest son sets out on a quest to save him. This episode is Grimmer.

Season 2

1 - Snow White and Rose Red (16 min)

The curious tale of two little sisters, two big bears, and one very cranky gnome. On a scale of Grimm, Grimmer, and Grimmest, this episode is Grimm.

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