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Hear What Pinna Staff are Listening for Spring - and Why!

We challenged the Pinna staff to yet again narrow down their favorite listens but this time, with Spring in mind. Here is just a small list of what they are currently listening to, or would recommend.

The list spans jokes, improv, rap, games, mindfulness, and even horror! 😱

Here is a roundup of Pinna staff favorites for Spring:

Brie - Marketing Manager

  1. Eat Your Spanish
    At one point in my life I would call myself "conversational" in speaking Spanish. I studied the language in High School and a bit of college before spending 4 months in Barcelona, Spain. As I get older it's slowly slipping away but I'm doing my best to keep it up. Sometimes I listen to Eat Your Spanish for a refresher on the basics, but wish so badly I had a resource like this at a young age to ideally be fluent today. This is a great way to introduce your kids to a new language and take advantage of all the benefits of learning one in early childhood.

  2. HiLL-LaRRy-uS Word of the Day
    I live for a good routine. Wake up, make my bed (sometimes), brush my teeth, get my coffee, and listen to an episode of HiLL-LaRRy-uS Word of the Day. What better way to get going than to start your day with a laugh and to learn something while you're at it?

  3. Through the Mickle Woods
    Short and sweet, yet moving and thoughtful. Especially after such a hard year for everyone in the world, those who have had to cope with loss of a loved one will hopefully find solace in this story.


Amy - Director of Development and Children's Programming

  1. Mr. Poggle and Scamp
    Valeska Gregory's charming book series provides a welcome dose of positivity and kindness, particularly in the audiobook Sunny Side Up. Sometimes life is just sunny side down, but Mr. Poggle offers his wisdom to turn things the right way around.

  2. Food Crimes
    This show has me cracking up, especially with the drama lawyers Flambe and Reeven bring to the case on behalf of their real world clients. I'm also constantly floored by the thoughtfulness and sense of justice the kid jurors as they arrive at a verdict.

  3. Origins Unknown
    I've been scared of creepy dolls since my parents let me watch Poltergeist when I was 10, but I'm facing those fears listening to the terrifying second season of Origins Unknown. It's just the right level of scary for me to handle.


Ash - Senior Production Manager

  1. Don't Break the Rules!
    Treat yourself to some laughs with this fast paced improv show - just don't get caught saying the gotcha word!!

  2. Q Brothers - Buggin
    Open the windows and welcome the warm weather with these top notch jams!

  3. Imani's Moon
    A very sweet, dreamy story with beautiful sound design.


Torran - Senior Producer

  1. Celebrating Holidays: Earth Day
    This interactive audiobook is on my list as a good spring time listen. It's one I produced and is perfect for spring. It's a short audiobook that includes some fun games and gives ideas on what you can do for Earth Day to help keep our planet clean!

  2. Don't Break the Rules!
    I've always liked improv comedy. This one also gives a chance for our listeners to be a part of the show by using their suggestions to have actors create characters and play games as those characters. It's amazing to listen to the actors create their characters on the spot. I recommend this one if you're down for some weird, wacky, and spontaneous fun.

  3. Food Crimes
    This is a very cool listen! We've all been victims of a food crime, and let's be honest, maybe even committed one or two, so this relates to me. I enjoy the different stories the kids tell about what food crime happened to them. And the jury deliberations are pretty interesting too.


Sandra - Director of Marketing

  1. Peace Out: Relaxation Stories for Kids and
    Now more than ever, mental wellness and mindfulness are so important. Peace Out is a great podcast that guides listeners through various meditations using animals, among other "visualization" tools, that are perfect for all kids (and adults)!

  2. Relax and Be Happy: Mindfulness for Children
    This is another great podcast focused on meditation and mindfulness. Not only will it help kids (and you) relax but it also teaches the listeners how to stay in the moment and focus. "Castle in the Stars" is one of my favorite tracks since it's so soothing and magical.

  3. Over in the Meadow
    This truly feels like Spring to me! It's counting animals set to a really catchy folky tune, which I was humming for weeks after first listening to it - and you might too!


Seata - Data Analyst

  1. Food Crimes
    First of all, sooooo funny - the sly puns and all - and the cases shared are so relatable to me... not that I could bring up a food crime in my home but I do bring it up at home now since listening to the show. I find the jury of children very engaging and more thoughtful about serving justice than if I were on the jury. Additionally, I do not have children but may have in the future and it's a great insight into how children are currently engaging with digital and sharing their opinions and thoughts, as well as those expressing themselves when they bring a case to food crime court.

  2. Money on the Sidewalk
    This reminds me of when I used to watch tv shows of hosts questioning bystanders on the sidewalk. The content is variable and I love hearing what the kids have to say and I also try to answer the questions the host is asking.

  3. HiLL-LaRRy-uS Word of the Day
    Because new words, awesome. And love the puns.


Irving - Senior Manager, Finance & Accounting

  1. TIME for Kids Explains
    As a subscriber to news podcasts myself, I particularly enjoy Time For Kids Explains as it offers kid listeners educational content as well as a platform to find their peers in a reporting role.

  2. A to Z Mysteries Clue Club
    Based on the popular book series that I grew up reading, this podcast offers listeners a unique and exciting spin on mystery story telling.

  3. Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest
    The tales are creative and shared in a very captivating way. Can't wait to tune into Season 3!

We’re all ears!

What are you and your kids currently listening to? We’d love to hear from you! Find us on all our social platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest – or email us at 🥰

Pinna staff

Pinna staff