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Food Crimes

New episodes every other Friday! Listen as REAL kids bring their REAL stories to the food court. If you have been the victim of a Food Crime get justice by emailing for your case to be heard.

1 - Case 101: The Split Shake (16 min)

Sovi v. Asher: The Portion Plaintiff and the Dehydrated Defendant.

2 - Case 102: The Breakfast Swap (17 min)

Jorgen v Mom: The Picky Plaintiff, and the Deceitful Defendant.

3 - Case 103: The Candy Bag (18 min)

Lucas v Adrianna: The Pilfering Plaintiff and the Derelict Defendant.

4 - Case 104: The Sneaky Siblings (22 min)

Mom v Theo & Felix: The Parental Plaintiff and the Double Defendants.

5 - Case 105: The Cereal Sisters (23 min)

Elissa v Bel: The Prohibited Plaintiff and the Discourteous Defendant.

6 - Case 106: The Chicken Decision (24 min)

LJ v Mom & Dad: The Poultry-Loving Plaintiff, and the Dairy-Free Defendants.

7 - Case 107: The Snack Stalker (20 min)

Mom v. Gabriel: The Permitting Plaintiff and the Demanding Defendant.

8 - Have you been the victim of a Food Crime? (1 min)