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Origins Unknown

New Episodes Every Saturday! Why are residents of Cooper Heights receiving strange packages from an unknown sender? Who… or what… is behind the deliveries? It’s up to 16-year old Max Emmerson and his friends to unfurl the mystery behind what’s really going on in the town - before it’s too late!

Season 1

1 - Special Delivery (24 min)

Max struggles to find anything good about his new home in Copper Heights with his mom and his sister. A town resident receives a package.

2 - The Map (16 min)

Max's family attends a dinner party, where he and Cassidy get to know each other better. Mrs. Meachum makes a dangerous bargain.

3 - The Mirror (18 min)

After a mysterious disappearance, Max meets Cassidy's friends, Colby and Sloane, and learns more about recent events in Copper Heights.

4 - The Search (17 min)

Max and Cassidy join a search party and make an unexpected discovery. Mrs. Meachum gets a visit from an old friend.

5 - Ectoplasm (15 min)

The search for missing townspeople hits close to home for Colby. Max and Cassidy's investigation uncovers more than they bargained for.

6 - The Visitor (17 min)

The teenagers believe they are closing in on a suspect. Max’s mom, Laura, welcomes an unexpected visitor.

7 - Following Mrs. Meachum (15 min)

Max and Cassidy go to school to get a better look at their evidence. Mrs. Meachum hatches a new plan.

8 - One Last Time (15 min)

Colby has a terrifying encounter in the woods. Max's trip to Mrs. Meachum's brings up some painful memories.

9 - Into the Woods (17 min)

On a stormy night, Cassidy and Max make a horrifying discovery at the old Copper Heights Hospital.

10 - Say Goodbye (25 min)

The teenagers’ investigation into the mysterious events in Copper Heights culminates in an otherworldly confrontation.

Season 2

1 - My Name is Lala (22 min)

It’s been a quiet few months in Copper Heights, but everything is about to change for Max and his friends as another package arrives in town from Origins Unknown.