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A to Z Mysteries: Clue Club

Inspired by Ron Roy’s hit chapter book series, A to Z Mysteries, this show lets you join the Clue Club with Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose. Piece together clues and interview witnesses to solve brand-new mysteries all over Green Lawn.

Season 1

0 - Trailer (1 min)

1 - The Bicycle Burglars (11 min)

Someone is stealing bikes all over Green Lawn. Are the thieves sending secret messages to help with their heists?

2 - The Disappearing Deliveries (16 min)

Packages are being pinched off porches. The Clue Club tracks the thieves’ trail.

3 - The Runaway Robot (13 min)

Androy, the robot who can do almost anything, has gone missing from Green Lawn High School. Follow the beeps to find him!

4 - The Cashbox Caper (16 min)

Who stole the money box from Howard’s Barbershop? Listen for lies as the Clue Club interviews suspects.

5 - The Concert Catastrophe (14 min)

On the night of the music teacher’s last concert, his lucky baton goes missing! Decode the ransom notes to track it down.

6 - The Diner Disaster (16 min)

Ellie has lost her precious charm bracelet. The Clue Club is in for a tasty surprise as they search the diner for the charms.

7 - The Stars and Stripes Swindle (13 min)

In the middle of a concert in Center Park, the ticket money is swiped! Follow the clues to the crashing conclusion.

8 - The Pawsome Pursuit (11 min)

Josh’s dog, Pal, is on the loose. Can the Clue Club anticipate his next stop as they chase him through the park?

9 - The Perplexing Pages (17 min)

The Clue Club discovers strange riddles tucked into library books. Are the notes more than they appear to be?

10 - The Missing Manuscript (16 min)

The last chapter of Wallis Wallace’s new novel was snatched at the Shangri-la Hotel. Wallis’s daughter, Abbi, joins the Clue Club in pursuit of the missing pages.

Season 2

1 - The Matinee Mayhem (17 min)

Uncle Warren treats the Clue Club to a Broadway show. But when the curtain falls, the sleuthing begins.

2 - The Vanishing Vase (18 min)

Did a valuable vase disappear from the Duncan’s yard sale? The Clue Club discovers which neighbor took more than their money’s worth.

3 - The Lurking Legend (17 min)

The legendary Green Lawn Lurker has been heard haunting the Senior Center. Who’s behind the presence of this ghostly ghoul?

4 - The Vending Vandal (12 min)

Who took the tasty treats from the vending machines? The investigation goes swimmingly until the Clue Club spots an unlikely suspect.

5 - The Hometown Hero (16 min)

A good luck charm is swiped at the tennis courts. Who’s at fault? The Clue Clubs swings into action to find it.

6 - The Suspicious Sitter (17 min)

The pet sitter had the purr-fect opportunity to steal a painting. Did she take it? Or can the Clue Club clear her name?

7 - The Horse Hijinks (13 min)

Who’s been horsing around in the stables? The Clue Club relies on their animal instincts to investigate.

8 - The Rear Window Revelations (15 min)

Ruth Rose is stuck at home with the flu. Turns out she has the best view to witness a crime! Can she radio in to reveal the clues?

9 - The Touch Tank (15 min)

A visit to the aquarium puts the Clue Club in the middle of a fishy disappearance. Follow the trail to the slippery thieves.

10 - The Pirates Plunder (16 min)

Thar’s treasure in Green Lawn, mateys! The Clue Club discovers where X marks the spot.

11 - BONUS EPISODE: Ask Ron Roy Anything! (15 min)

In this special Q&A session, author Ron Roy joins us to answer fans' questions about all things A to Z Mysteries!

Season 3

1 - Tea Time Trouble (18 min)

The Clue Club sniffs out suspects to find the pepper perpetrator at the ShangriLa Hotel.

2 - The Pizza Proposal (13 min)

A mysterious delivery starts the Clue Club on a race to find a future fiancée.

3 - The Owlet Observers (15 min)

A hike in the Green Lawn woods hatches this birdwatching hoo-dunit.

4 - The Dino Detectives (15 min)

When dinosaur footprints appear in Green Lawn, the Clue Club is on the trail of who’s making the tracks.

5 - The Lost Letter (14 min)

The Clue Club follows the paper trail to uncover mischief with the mail at Ruth Rose’s house.

6 - Behind the Bookshelves (15 min)

An overheard scheme has the Clue Club sleuthing in the stacks.

7 - The Parade Predicament (16 min)

The Halloween parade has come to halt! A squeaky clue has the Clue Club scratching their heads.

8 - Gavel Gone Missing (16 min)

The mayor’s final day in office is turned upside down when he can’t find his gavel. The Clue Club calls the case to order.

9 - The Food Pantry Foul (14 min)

Can the Clue Club find the misplaced donations to the food pantry? Or will the Thanksgiving feast be a flop?

10 - Break-in at Bill’s Bikes (18 min)

There’s a break-in at the bike shop. Who burgled Bill’s beloved baseball card?

Season 4

1 - The Science Fair Sabotage (16 min)

The Clue Club has a hypothesis about who took a science fair project. Can they prove their conclusion?

2 - The Guitar Grab (17 min)

When a K-pop band comes to town a unique guitar goes missing. The Clue Club is instrumental in solving the case.

3 - The Camp Caper (13 min)

Campers become suspects when a prized possession is pinched from Josh’s cabin.

4 - The Supermarket Swipe (17 min)

A missing prize puts the supermarket sweepstakes in a deep freeze.

5 - The Carnival Crime (14 min)

An empty cash box starts the Clue Club’s search for a criminal at the carnival.

6 - The Worrisome Whistler (11 min)

The Fun Run gets serious when a runner is missing. Can the Clue Club retrace her trail?

7 - The Dog Show Debacle (18 min)

Chaos is unleashed at the local dog show. No obstacles can stop the Clue Club from getting the show back on course.

8 - The Mysterious Myth (16 min)

The Clue Club goes deep to discover if a legendary fish has returned to the river.

9 - The School Trip Souvenir (13 min)

Solving this souvenir switcheroo is elementary for the Clue Club.

10 - The Medieval Mixup (17 min)

Hear ye, hear ye! When an antique sword disappears from the fairgrounds can the Clue Club save the day (and the knight)?