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A to Z Mysteries: Clue Club

Inspired by Ron Roy’s hit chapter book series, this show lets you join the Clue Club with Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose. Piece together clues and interview witnesses to solve brand-new mysteries all over Green Lawn.

Season 1

1 - The Bicycle Burglars (11 min)

Someone is stealing bikes all over Green Lawn. Are the thieves sending secret messages to help with their heists?

2 - The Disappearing Deliveries (16 min)

Packages are being pinched off porches. The Clue Club tracks the thieves’ trail.

3 - The Runaway Robot (13 min)

Androy, the robot who can do almost anything, has gone missing from Green Lawn High School. Follow the beeps to find him!

4 - The Cashbox Caper (16 min)

Who stole the money box from Howard’s Barbershop? Listen for lies as the Clue Club interviews suspects.

5 - The Concert Catastrophe (14 min)

On the night of the music teacher’s last concert, his lucky baton goes missing! Decode the ransom notes to track it down.

6 - The Diner Disaster (16 min)

Ellie has lost her precious charm bracelet. The Clue Club is in for a tasty surprise as they search the diner for the charms.

7 - The Stars and Stripes Swindle (13 min)

In the middle of a concert in Center Park, the ticket money is swiped! Follow the clues to the crashing conclusion.

8 - The Pawsome Pursuit (11 min)

Josh’s dog, Pal, is on the loose. Can the Clue Club anticipate his next stop as they chase him through the park?

9 - The Perplexing Pages (17 min)

The Clue Club discovers strange riddles tucked into library books. Are the notes more than they appear to be?

10 - The Missing Manuscript (16 min)

The last chapter of Wallis Wallace’s new novel was snatched at the Shangri-la Hotel. Wallis’s daughter, Abbi, joins the Clue Club in pursuit of the missing pages.

Season 2

1 - The Matinee Mayhem (17 min)

Uncle Warren treats the Clue Club to a Broadway show. But when the curtain falls, the sleuthing begins.

2 - The Vanishing Vase (18 min)

Did a valuable vase disappear from the Duncan’s yard sale? The Clue Club discovers which neighbor took more than their money’s worth.

3 - The Lurking Legend (17 min)

The legendary Green Lawn Lurker has been heard haunting the Senior Center. Who’s behind the presence of this ghostly ghoul?

4 - The Vending Vandal (12 min)

Who took the tasty treats from the vending machines? The investigation goes swimmingly until the Clue Club spots an unlikely suspect.

5 - The Hometown Hero (16 min)

A good luck charm is swiped at the tennis courts. Who’s at fault? The Clue Clubs swings into action to find it.

6 - The Suspicious Sitter (17 min)

The pet sitter had the purr-fect opportunity to steal a painting. Did she take it? Or can the Clue Club clear her name?

7 - The Horse Hijinks (13 min)

Who’s been horsing around in the stables? The Clue Club relies on their animal instincts to investigate.

8 - The Rear Window Revelations (15 min)

Ruth Rose is stuck at home with the flu. Turns out she has the best view to witness a crime! Can she radio in to reveal the clues?

9 - The Touch Tank (15 min)

A visit to the aquarium puts the Clue Club in the middle of a fishy disappearance. Follow the trail to the slippery thieves.

10 - The Pirates Plunder (16 min)

Thar’s treasure in Green Lawn, mateys! The Clue Club discovers where X marks the spot.