Don't Break the Rules - Pinna

Don't Break the Rules

Tune in for laughs, burps, and the occasional unicorn as four voice actors create new characters for every episode of this comedy-improvisation gameshow. Hosted by Carly Ciarrocchi.

1 - I Can Turn My Diapers Into a Helicopter (15 min)

Dirty diapers and wild bananas join the fun when Chris K., Stacia, Julian, and Melissa compete to be improv champion.

2 - Sticky Justice (16 min)

The Gotcha Word gets someone! Sean, Chris K., Stacia, and Melissa join host Carly C. for improv battles full of slimy fish and fancy pants.

3 - I Love Pudding, Too! (14 min)

We've got big love for pudding, mermaids, and grandmas as host Carly C. leads Kaitlin, Julian, Alyson, and Chris S. in an improv battle.

4 - Please Tell Me They Don't Eat Carrots (17 min)

Newspaper eating worms and tea-drinking lions are in the mix when Kaitlin, Sean, Alyson, and Chris S. compete.

5 - Wax to the Max (18 min)

Unicorn poop for sale - and atomic sprinkles, too - when Kaitlin, Bradford, Chris S., and Melissa compete to be improv champion.

6 - Pizza Friends Forever (16 min)

La, la, la! Kaitlin, Chris K., Julian, and Melissa join host Carly C. for an all musical competition special.

7 - I've Heard a Few Burps, I've Pulled a Few Teeth (16 min)

Don't miss the Biggest Burp Sound Off in this improv competition with Rohana, Tisola, Chris S., and Bradford.

8 - It Was Full of Stink (17 min)

Grumpy ice cream and peanut butter sandwiches for Kaitlin, Sean, Chris K. and Alexandra in this alligator filled competition.

9 - Hurricane in the Bathroom (16 min)

An evil potato chip is singing the blues in this episode's improv competition with voice actors Kaitlin, Chris K., Julian, Melissa and host Carly C.

10 - I'm Right (14 min)

Who knew sheep could be presidents and trolls could be picky? Matthew, Vanessa, Alexandra, and Julian compete to be improv champion.

11 - You Play! It's Raining Donuts (11 min)

You get to be the actor and play Don't Break the Rules with host Carly C.

12 - Bonus Episode: Live from New York! (14 min)

More sprinkles! Julian, Kaitlin, and Chris S. join host Carly C. for this summertime special episode recorded in front of a live audience.

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