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Relax and Be Happy: Mindfulness for Children (and Teachers and Parents)

Beloved family recording artist Bari Koral & Grammy Award winning New Age artist Paul Avgerinos come together for the first time in this enchanting new release to help bring instant relaxation and meditation to scores of young children.

Season 1

1 - Garden Relaxation (3 min)

Take a walk in a garden filled with sunshine and colors. Learn to relax with your favorite flower.

2 - Ocean Breath (2 min)

Let your belly and body relax with calming breathing, like gentle waves on the ocean

3 - Let It Go (2 min)

Any troubling or worrisome thought can float away in this sweet balloon relaxation.

4 - Gingerbread Relaxation (3 min)

Relax with the gingerbread man in this colorful relaxation featuring many colors of the rainbow.

5 - The Listening Game Level 1 (2 min)

Learn to pay attention and focus with this fun listening game suitable for all ages.

6 - Simple Candle Breath (1 min)

Teach relaxation breathing even to very young children with this easy calming breath

7 - Cheer (2 min)

Feel happy and lift your mood with this cheerful relaxation.

8 - Focus (4 min)

Great for relaxation and for teaching children to focus on one thing at a time

9 - Motivate (2 min)

When a task is at hand (or in the future) get some instant inspiration with this motivating track.

10 - Peace (3 min)

Children's bodies rest in the warm colors of earth in this peaceful relaxation

11 - Star Energy (2 min)

Grab a star right out of the sky and bring it into your heart In this grounding relaxation for children (and adults!)

12 - Your Star (3 min)

We are never alone when we can feel the comfort and warmth of our star right in our hearts.

13 - Loving Kindness (4 min)

Send good thoughts to each other and out into the world with this popular Loving Kindness relaxation

14 - The Listening Game Level 2 (3 min)

Now that you've mastered Level 1, take on level 2 for more of a challenge. An instant way to focus your attention.

15 - The Listening Game Level 3 (5 min)

An excellent way to guide children into learning to use their breathing for relaxation. We've left the relaxation music on to help you hold your focus for longer.

16 - The Listening Game Level 5 (7 min)

A relaxing 5 minute guided meditation featuring music, relaxation breathing and a magic mind helper. Suggested for ages 7 and older (and adults)

Season 2

1 - Castle In The Stars (5 min)

Close your eyes and go out on a relaxing journey in search of a castle in the star. Find the king and queen of the stars who may have a gift for you.

2 - Princess Beach (3 min)

Enjoy a relaxing walk through the forest with a princess as she discovers a beach near her castle.

3 - Bear On a Chair (5 min)

Close your eyes and relax to this calming tale of a teddy bear who takes a gentle ride on the ocean

4 - Princess Kindness (5 min)

Let a princess show you how good in feels to help others in this relaxing story of kindness

5 - The Impatient Caterpillar (4 min)

Enjoy where you are. Be present. A caterpillar discovers the magic of just being here right now in this relaxing tale

6 - Let's Go Camping (7 min)

Close your eyes and enjoy a relaxing camping trip to the California coast. toast marshmallows and enjoy a night out under the stars. Make sure to look after the forest by taking everything with you when you go.

7 - Peace Prayer (4 min)

Get an instant mood lift with this relaxing peace prayer and know that love and peace are all around you.

8 - Wild Orange (5 min)

An orange bursts to life from seed to tree to your palm in this magical tale of where our food comes from. Discover how we can enjoy and respect it even more.

9 - Body Dance (5 min)

Get the sillys out and dance with your whole body. After enjoy the glow of warm light filling up your body filling you with peace and happiness.