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Buggin is the debut family-friendly rap album from award-winning hip hop collective, Q Brothers. Chock full of sing-a-long songs for kids and lyrical punchlines for parents, the wildly colorful storytelling and bumpin’ booty-shaking beats will have your whole family rapping, dancing, and laughing.

1 - Groovin (2 min)

2 - Talkin Trash (2 min)

3 - Lemonade (feat. Ariana Burks) (3 min)

4 - Buggin (feat. Maya Vinice) (2 min)

5 - Avocados (feat. The Hype) (3 min)

6 - I Can Dig It (3 min)

7 - Micropachycephalosaurus (3 min)

8 - Get Weird (feat. Ariana Burks) (3 min)

9 - Feel Real Good (4 min)