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Money on the Sidewalk

New Episodes Every Friday! Have you ever been minding your own business when suddenly you found yourself on a game show? Listen and play along as the host of Money on the Sidewalk surprises real kids in public places with quirky quizzes, silly stunts, and real cash prizes! Who knows, you could be next!

1 - The World Is Your Sandwich (18 min)

Host TJ surprises kids on the street with questions about the greatest invention in the history of lunch — the sandwich!

2 - Things that Go Squish (17 min)

They’re not solid, they’re not liquid, they’re just kind of … weird. Match wits with real kids on everything from jellyfish to dog poop.

3 - On Your Toes (17 min)

TJ goes toe-to-toe with kids on the sidewalk to find out how much the world knows about toes. Is there really that much toe trivia out there? Count on it!

4 - Found Underground (17 min)

Money on the Sidewalk goes under the sidewalk with games about potatoes, the subway, and of course, naked mole rats. What?

5 - See Ya 'Round (16 min)

Is your knowledge well-rounded? For this episode it only has to be round, cuz TJ's giving away money for knowledge about circles and spheres.

6 - Night Vision (15 min)

Jam along in your jammies and answer questions about what happens after the sun goes down. No flashlights required.

7 - Jumbo Shrimp (15 min)

Big stuff and small stuff — no medium sized stuff in this episode. Match wits with our contestants on mountains, mice and movies!

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