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Eat Your Spanish

Filled with interactive games, sing-along songs, funny characters, and engaging stories, "Eat Your Spanish" is a fun and exciting way to learn the Spanish language!

1 - Lesson 1 - Greetings and Goodbyes! (12 min)

Join us, Evan and Vanessa, in our Spanish podcast, as we learn how to say different greetings and goodbyes! We'll have a fun interactive lesson, sing an exciting song called "Hola!", and meet our new friends Mrs. Elephant and Mr. Mouse!

2 - Lesson 2 - Red, Orange, and Yellow! (14 min)

Today we'll learn how to say the first three colors of the rainbow, red, orange, and yellow! We'll have a fun lesson, sing together with our sing-a-long song, and then listen to another funny conversation with our friends Mrs. Elephant and Mr. Mouse!

3 - Lesson 3 - Green, Blue, and Purple! (15 min)

Our journey across the rainbow continues as we learn how to say the colors Green, Blue, and Purple in Spanish. Then we'll sing a song together, and last but not least we'll join Mrs. Elephant and Mr. Mouse as they go on a nature hike!

4 - Lesson 4 - Family! (15 min)

We are excited to share one of our favorite episodes with you...the episode all about family! So far this is one of our favorite songs we've made and we are so excited for you to sing it with us! PLUS Mrs. Elephant introduces Mr. Mouse to her family for the VERY FIRST TIME! Let's hope her Grandpa doesn't get too sassy

5 - Lesson 5 - Numbers! (15 min)

Hola amigos! Join us as we learn all about our numbers one through ten! We'll start off with a fun lesson, then we'll sing along to another catchy song by Evan and Vanessa and the Eat Your Spanish Band, and finally we'll join Mrs. Elephant as she helps Mr. Mouse move in to his new (elephant sized) home!

6 - Lesson 6 - New Years Part Uno! (11 min)

Bring your fiesta hats, because it's time to celebrate El Año Nuevo with your amigos Evan, Vanessa, Mrs. Elephant, and Mr. Mouse!

7 - Lesson 6 - New Years Part Dos! (7 min)

Join us for Part Two of our special New Years episode! Mrs. Elephant and Mr. Mouse go shopping together, and the world's tiniest grapes are on the shopping list!

8 - Lesson 7 - Feelings and Emotions! (17 min)

Hola Amigos! Today we'll be venturing out into the wonderful world of feelings and emotions! We'll have a fun lesson together, followed by a very special song song, and last but not least we'll join our friends Mrs. Elephant and Mr. Mouse as they look at pictures from when Mr. Mouse was just a baby!

9 - Lesson 8 - Pets/Animals! (17 min)

"Cat and dog, fish and hamster, Four animals I love to look after, That's the truth, now let's sing along, To the animals we name in this song!"

(This episode is a fun one amigos!)

10 - Lesson 9 - Fruits! (18 min)

Today's episode is all about fruits, or frutas in Spanish! Join us today for a fun filled lesson and a fruit filled sing along! Then at the end of the episode we'll join our friends Mrs. Elephant and Mr. Mouse on an exciting trip to visit a fruit farm!

11 - Lesson 10 - Transportation! (17 min)

It's our final lesson episode of Season 1! We can't believe it! You all have done such an amazing job learning Spanish, and we are so happy that you chose to spend time with us. Today we've got an extra special episode for you all about cars, bicycles, trains, and airplanes!