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Peace Out

Find your inner calm to create a space of relaxation–perfect for bedtime or if you need a moment of quietness and meditation. Each episode takes you to a new place or introduces you to an animal, meant to help you learn how to breathe peacefully.

Season 1

1 - Little Monkey (6 min)

It's up to you to stretch, breathe and move so the mini monkey jumps off of you.

2 - Underwater Adventure (12 min)

We'll meet a dolphin, jellyfish, and even a shark as we dive into the ocean of imagination.

3 - Trip to the Moon (8 min)

We're going to go to the moon, which is always quiet and where we can always go.

4 - Tortoise and the Hare (9 min)

We'll be using the idea of running in a relaxing way for your body and mind.

5 - Into the Forest (9 min)

Use your senses and imagination to explore a special forest to create calmness.

6 - Dandelion Days (9 min)

Imagine that you’re a fluffy dandelion seed floating on a warm spring breeze.

7 - Superhero (7 min)

We’ll stretch, breathe, and talk about how we can be everyday superheroes by using compassion.

8 - Water Cycle (8 min)

Imagine yourself as tiny drops of water falling from a rain cloud and evaporating back up to the sky.

9 - Belly Breathing (8 min)

Focus on a breathing exercise called belly breathing that is meant to increase airflow to your lungs.

10 - Ready, Set, Grow! (9 min)

Today we'll pretend to be a flower, growing out of a tiny seed into a beautiful strong plant.

11 - Don't React, Respond! (8 min)

Everyone gets angry so in this episode we'll practice how to be more mindful of our emotions and actions.

12 - Come Fly with Me (8 min)

Fly through the clouds as you stretch, breathe, and imagine your way to your favorite place.

13 - All About the Music (6 min)

Today we are going to practice focusing by listening to a piece of classical music.

14 - Unicorn (6 min)

Use your imagination to picture a magical unicorn who will help guide your breathing and relaxation.

15 - Circus Spectacular (13 min)

We'll use our body and mind to imagine ourselves flying through the air on a trapeze.

16 - Bike Adventure (13 min)

We’ll focus on visualization and movement as we imagine our bicycle journey.

17 - Autumn Leaves (12 min)

Let the beautiful colors of autumn leaves fill your imagination as we toss and make leaf angels in them.

18 - Sun Salutations (16 min)

We'll show gratitude and salute the sun, without which life on earth would not be possible.

Season 2

1 - Calmness (16 min)

Have you ever been told to “calm down”? What exactly is calmness and how do you get there?

2 - Curiosity (14 min)

Being curious is the start of any adventure! We are going to use our imagination to explore our curiosity as we learn a little more about the buried treasure that Kaala the red panda is seeking!

3 - Indecision (17 min)

Decisions, decisions! Why is it so difficult to make a choice sometimes? In this relaxation story we explore the feeling of indecision and talk about ways to make the decision-making process easier.

4 - Anxiety (13 min)

This week Kaala is making plans to go, but is starting to worry and feel anxious about the huge journey ahead. Everyone worries and feels anxious sometimes, but what can we do about it?

5 - Shy (14 min)

Kaala’s making her way up the mountains, in search of an ancient hidden treasure. But something’s happened—someone’s been following her! We talk about shyness and introverts.

6 - H.A.L.T (13 min)

Kaala’s new friend Chuff the Snow Leopard is usually very pleasant, but today she’s feeling hangry…how will she deal with that? We’re going to teach you a trick that helps when you're hangry.

7 - Peaceful Pirates (5 min)

In this mini episode, we are pirates out on the open sea and it's about to rain.

8 - Scared (11 min)

What are you afraid of? Everyone is afraid of something, so what can we do to face our fears? Kaala has to face her fear of the dark today.

9 - Jealous, Much? (9 min)

Jealousy is a hard emotion to deal with or even admit to being. It brings out negative feelings that make us feel bad about ourselves. Kaala is feeling jealous of Chuff in today’s story and has to deal with those feelings.

10 - Feeling Blue? (10 min)

Feeling sad doesn’t feel good…but did you know that sadness can help us sometimes? We explore the feeling of sadness in this relaxation story with Kaala and Chuff.

11 - Because I'm Happy (9 min)

Today we talk about being happy! Kaala and Chuff have met someone special…find out who in this relaxation story as we talk about the feeling of happiness.

12 - Sleepy ZZZZZ (9 min)

Zzzzz…Kaala and Chuff are very sleepy after a long swim and journey to meet another group of red pandas. As they rest, we’ll do the same with some new breathing and gentle movement exercises.