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Let's Chat With Sam Nisson — An Interview With Talented Pinna Podcast Creator And The Brain Behind Fan Favorite, The "Totally Unauthorized" Series

Back with another behind-the-scenes interview, let’s hear from podcast creator Sam Nisson.

Though you may not recognize his name right now, by the end of this post you’ll be glad you stuck around to get to know Sam and his work for the Pinna brand.

A true creative at heart, Sam has helped put together fan favorite Pinna Original podcasts like Kyle’s Wild World and the Totally Unauthorized shows covering topics like Pokemon, Minecraft, and video games.

Keep reading to learn more about Sam and how he’s contributed to the shows your kids love hearing.

Let’s jump in.

Hi there! To start, why don't you tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to work with Pinna?

I’ve worked with Amy Kraft (Head of Pinna Content Development) for many years, at different companies, on all sorts of interesting projects. As Amy was building Pinna’s amazing audio library, she asked me to collaborate on a few ideas. Though credit where it’s due: Amy came up with the original ideas for the podcasts, and we worked together to shape them and make them better.

Please share what Pinna projects you’ve worked on. We’d love to hear!

My first Pinna project was Kyle’s Wild World, a talk show hosted by a kid who loves animals, in a world where animals can talk. More recently, Kyle’s hamster Rosie got her own spinoff called Hamster Hot Takes. And, we've been working on a new show all about fans debating their favorite things. I also worked on three three “Totally Unauthorized” fan shows, where we talk to kids about some of their favorite topics: Minecraft, Pokemon, and video games.

What led you to this career choice? Any advice for our readers who may be interested in pursuing this path?

I’ve had a winding career path including video games, podcasts, and books—with the common thread being thoughtful media for kids. My best advice is to engage with your path in whatever way you can at your phase of life. So if you want to create video games someday, try making a Roblox game now. Media careers are more about skills than tracks; the more things you are good at, the more opportunities you will find.

Growing up, what was your dream job? How does that compare to what you're doing now?

When I was ten, I would have said that I want to make video games. And happily for my inner ten year old, I got to do some of that.

What (or who!) inspires you? We'd love to hear more about your creative process!

I fill my brain with things that I like and hope they recirculate and recombine in interesting ways. For instance, I found an NPR list of the 50 best fantasy and science fiction books of the last decade and I’m reading all of them in random order. I love playing Dungeons & Dragons. And I still love video games as much as I did when I was ten.

Do you have any furry (or scaly!) friends keeping you company while you work? If so, feel free to share a picture too!

Three cats: twins Jenga and Twitch, and Cassie (not pictured).

What do you enjoy listening to — music, podcasts, audiobooks? Can we get a sneak peek at your playlist? ;)

My favorite podcast is DLC, which is about video games. Runners up are Pardon the Interruption (sports) and Fivethirtyeight (math and politics).

Wrapping up, can you share where our readers can follow you to keep up with your work?

I’m not on any social media, but I’d love for you to check out my book, Power Up, about a couple of middle school kids and their adventures in video games.

The Wrap-Up

Pinna is an excellent tool for screen-free learning and fun all year round. Keep your kids engaged and entertained with Pinna’s comprehensive and growing library.

We’re all ears!

Which of Sam’s podcasts do your kids love most? We’d love to hear from you! Find us on all our social platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest – or email us at

Amy Thetford

Amy Thetford

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