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Opal Watson: Private Eye

Meet Opal. Curious, brave and persistent. At age 11, she already has her own thriving mystery-solving business helping neighbors find anything from lost pets to missing packages. Follow along as Opal uncovers buried clues and confronts a family mystery, her most challenging case yet. Parents' Choice Gold Winner!

Season 1

0 - Trailer (1 min)

1 - Who's scared of hounds and can not be found? (16 min)

Opal solves a new case and is introduced to a mysterious new neighbor.

2 - What comes in through shipping but then goes missing? (16 min)

An old friend asks Opal for help tracking down something special.

3 - Where do you dispose of things that are old? (14 min)

As Opal's case continues, it leads her to an unexpected place.

4 - What can be your guide when you close your eyes? (12 min)

Opal spends time with a new teacher and gets to the bottom of a misunderstanding at school.

5 - What has the power to grow friendships and flowers? (14 min)

Opal is surprised when her latest case reveals a secret about her dad.

6 - Which southern belle now feels unwell? (11 min)

Someone close to Opal leaves home just as she takes on her biggest case yet.

7 - How can you chase and still sit in one place? (13 min)

Opal ventures outside of her comfort zone in pursuit of a suspect.

8 - When should you not judge a book by its cover? (15 min)

Opal and Frank uncover the shocking motives of their mysterious neighbor.

9 - What appears sweet but is really sour? (16 min)

Opal has an illuminating encounter with a suspect and makes progress with her big case.

10 - What rings so true down on the Bayou? (21 min)

Opal overcomes her fears and discovers a family treasure.

Season 2

1 - Who disturbed the herbs? (25 min)

Opal finds a new case growing in Meme's garden.

2 - What has bark but no bite? (17 min)

Opal arrives at Camp Beaulac, where adventures and mystery await.

3 - What kind of slide does a friend keep by their side? (10 min)

Opal meets a new friend with a special talent.

4 - When does a letter make the notes sound better? (21 min)

Opal and Jamal pursue the mystery of some long lost correspondence.

5 - How do you take a stand against a helping hand? (18 min)

Opal reaches her breaking point with a pushy friend.

6 - What reeks from lake to creek? (13 min)

Opal and Jamal sniff out a bigger mystery at Camp Beaulac.

7 - What kind of trouble won’t water wash away? (15 min)

Opal's friends struggle with the impact of her investigations.

8 - Which birds of a feather need to come together? (11 min)

As the crises at camp only seem to get worse, Opal starts to see a bigger picture.

9 - Which designs are on everyone’s minds? (13 min)

The kids worry about the camp's future as shadowy plans come into focus.

10 - Whose family ties are a blessing in disguise? (23 min)

Opal and her friends race to expose the culprit and save Camp Beaulac.

11 - Like Opal Watson? Try these. (1 min)

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