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15 podcasts that will engage your kids when you need time for yourself

If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that we all need some time to ourselves. Whether that means a few minutes of breathing room or the freedom to run errands without complaints, the luxury of time means something different to everyone - we all have different needs, after all!

We've rounded up some staff picks for you to turn on and tune your kids into for when you...

Need 3 minute life pause

Pinna Original podcast HiLL-LaRRy-uS
  • 3 episodes of HiLL-LaRRy-uS
    • The jokes keep coming with BFFs Hillary and Larry! With each episode being only 1 minute long, kids can easily get sucked into listening to the silly knock-knocks, puns, and more for 3 minutes or longer.
Pinna Original podcast 5 for 5 Trivia
  • 1 episode of 5 for 5 Trivia
    • Do your kinds know all there is to know about animals, video games, music, space, etc? Have them test their knowledge with this fun trivia game where every episode gives kids a chance to get 5 out of 5 right!
Pinna Original podcast Molly and the Sugar Monster
  • 1 episode of Molly and the Sugar Monster
    • While some episodes are closer to the 1-2 min range in length, with the added benefit of encouraging healthy eating habits in kids, we decided to let it slide...

Need 15 minutes to catch up on laundry

Pinna Original podcast Crime Origins
Pinna Original podcast Don't Break the Rules
  • 1 episode of Don't Break the Rules
    • Full of laughs, some burps, and the occasional unicorn, this comedy-improvisation gameshow will definitely keep your kids occupied for 15 minutes (about the length of an episode), if not longer!
Sarah & Duck podcast
  • 1 episode of Sarah & Duck
    • With soothing narration and lovable characters, these two friends will quickly become a staple podcast for your youngest kids - and you.

Need 30 minutes for a conference call

Brains On! Presents Forever Ago podcast
  • 1 episode of Forever Ago
    • Kids can dive into the history of one thing – like video games, clocks, skateboards, emojis, etc. – in each of these quick 30 minute episodes.
Magus Elgar podcast
  • 1 episode of Magus Elgar
    • Nugget raptors, malicious mathemagicians, and book-eating Wizards are just a few of the characters your kids will meet in this magical adventure podcast that averages about 30 minutes per episode.
Pinna Original podcast A to Z Mysteries Clue Club
  • 2 episodes of A to Z Mysteries Clue Club
    • High-jinx meets whodunnit in these 15 minute long episodes - your kids will definitely want to join the Clue Club along with Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose for more than one mystery adventure!

Need 1 hour for dinner prep

Brains On! Presents Smash Boom Best podcast
  • 2 episodes of Smash Boom Best
    • Your kids will love to join the debate in this bracketology-style podcasts that asks Venom vs. Claws and Chocolate vs. Cheese. At about 30 minutes per episode, let your kids pick two to listen to!
Pinna Original podcast Anytime Art
  • 5 episodes, or 1 project, of Anytime Art
    • Do your kids love art and being creative? They now have access to their very own art teacher who will talk them through projects that include painting, drawing, sculpture and more. Each project takes about 1 hour spread across 5 sequential episodes!
Pinna Original podcast Dream Breachers
  • 2 episodes of Dream Breachers
    • One 30-minute episode of this high stakes adventure series, which takes listeners in and out of the dream world, will fly by with a blink of an eye – so your kids will easily listen to two back to back. Now that's a dream come true...

Need 2+ hours for running errands

  • Full season binge of Grimm Grimmer Grimmest
    • Weaving in and out of a classroom of witty grade-schoolers and a world full of curious creatures and mischievous foes, we guarantee your family can't just listen to one episode. At about 15-20 minutes per episode, a full season of 10 episodes can be binged in 2+ hours.
This Podcast has Fleas
  • Full series of This Podcast Has Fleas
    • What happens when a cat and dog launch dueling podcasts? At just about 2 hours, this entire series will have your kids giggling and laughing - and asking for more!
Tara Tremendous The Secret Diaries
  • Full season of Tara Tremendous: The Secret Diaries
    • With season 1 clocking in at about 3 1/2 hours and season 2 being just over 3 hours, this musical action-adventure story about a girl who accidentally acquires the powers of every superhero in the world will literally keep your kids listening for hours!

We’re all ears!

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Pinna staff

Pinna staff