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Smash Boom Best

Cats or Dogs? Pizza or Tacos? Every episode of the debate show Smash Boom Best takes on two really cool things, then smashes them together to let you decide which is best. Debaters use facts and passion to make the case for which item should be crowned the Smash Boom Best.

Season 2

1 - Unicorns vs. Dragons (33 min)

Unicorns and dragons have graced us with a magical, show-stopping debate! Which one of these whimsical, wondrous beasts will triumph?

2 - Venus Flytraps vs. Piranhas (31 min)

Venus flytraps and piranhas go leaf to teeth in this fearsome debate battle!

3 - Libraries vs. Museums (43 min)

Totally lit libraries take on the marvel of museums in a heated, high-minded debate about which institution is the most educational, the most impressive and, above all, the COOLEST.

4 - Grand Canyon vs. Mt. Everest (33 min)

Two epic landforms battle it out in a geological prizefight that’s going to rock your world!

5 - Loki vs. Athena (40 min)

Loki and Athena battle it out for the title of smash boom supreme! Will it be Loki, the shape-shifting trickster of Norse mythology, or Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom?

6 - Invisibility vs. Flying (33 min)

It’s the ultimate disguise versus the freedom of the skies!

7 - Snakes vs. Spiders (36 min)

One has no legs, the other has eight. So which one is cooler? Creepy, crawly spiders? Or slithering, scaly snakes?

8 - Mega Mini Boom Extravaganza (35 min)

High schoolers from the Minnesota Urban Debate League face off in four, high-octane "mini-boom" debates. They’ll tackle Spring vs. Fall, Zombies vs. Werewolves, Rats vs. Pigeons and Breakfast vs. Dinner!

9 - Venus vs. Jupiter (39 min)

We’re blasting off, leaving Earth’s orbit, and grabbing front row seats at an interplanetary smackdown. Which planet will be crowned the Smash Boom Best?

10 - Venom vs. Claws (34 min)

Grab some sunscreen, lace up your hiking boots and don’t forget your binoculars because you’ll want to keep your distance from today’s debate. It’s venom versus claws!

11 - Rice vs. Noodles (36 min)

Two of the world’s most beloved starches are taking the stage today. Which tasty food will take the crown?

12 - Ice Age vs. The Jurassic (41 min)

It's a debate of epoch proportions: it’s the Ice Age vs. the Jurassic! Who will win this bruiser of a battle?

13 - Swimming vs. Soccer (35 min)

Which sport is tops? Is it swimming, the splashy, life-saving skill, or soccer, the super-popular game of strategy and speed?

14 - Sharks vs. Skunks (38 min)

It’s killer fish versus stinky furballs! Which wiley creature will win this smash boom battle?

15 - Chocolate vs. Cheese (39 min)

How could you ever decide between two foods so scrumptious? Who will win this foodie faceoff?

16 - Robots vs. Aliens (40 min)

In this futuristic faceoff it's the Aliens vs. Robots! Who do you think will win? The extraterrestrial neighbors we’re still searching for, or those helpful machines we call robots?

Season 3

1 - Flowers vs Rainbows (37 min)

We’re launching season three with a burst of color of delight. It’s flowers vs rainbows!

2 - Drums vs Guitars (37 min)

We’ve got a musical matchup to get your toes tapping: guitars versus drums!

3 - Vampires vs Werewolves (32 min)

In this episode, the ultimate immortal rivals go fang to claw in a blood-thirsty debate. It's vampires vs werewolves!

4 - Giant Squid vs Blue Whales (36 min)

We’ve got a deep sea debate, so put on your scuba-gear and jump on in! It’s giant squid vs blue whales.

5 - Avengers vs Star Wars (41 min)

Two of the biggest movie franchises EVER go head-to-head in a blockbuster-worthy battle. It’s Avengers vs. Star Wars!

6 - Ice Cream vs French Fries (36 min)

We’ve got a tasty debate -- it’s ice cream vs french fries!! This is going to be a tough one for everybody, because let’s face it: we all scream for ice cream and we freak out over french fries!

7 - Pandas vs Penguins (33 min)

We've got a debate is between two totally adorable, extremely popular animals known for their fashionable fur and frolicsome feathers. It’s pandas vs penguins!!

8 - Teleportation vs Telekinesis (35 min)

It’s time for another superpower showdown! Challenger one is teleportation, the ability to instantly zap yourself to any place in the world. Challenger two is telekinesis, the power to move things with your mind. Which tele-power will take the crown?

9 - Rats vs Pigeons (34 min)

Today, we’re switching it up -- Smash Boom Best is going full on Smash Boom Pest. Two misunderstood critters go head to head in today’s debate battle. It’s rats vs pigeons!

10 - Ants vs Bees (33 min)

One’s in the sky, one’s underground. One makes a buzz, the other? Not a sound. It’s ants versus bees!

11 - Helium vs Neon (34 min)

In this episode, we’re letting the science rip in a seriously gassy showdown. It’s helium versus neon! One is famous for making balloons float and voices squeaky -- the other is prized for its beautiful glow.

12 - Desert vs Swamp (33 min)

In this episode, two treacherous terrains take the stage. It’s deserts versus swamps!

13 - Armadillo vs Porcupine (31 min)

Two courageous critters take the stage, it’s Armadillos versus Porcupines! Which brave and beautiful beast will claim the crown?

14 - Moon vs Sun (33 min)

In this episode, we’re heading to space for a celestial debate. It’s sun versus moon! Which legendary orb will win? The queen of the night sky? Or the star of our solar system?

15 - Sugar vs Salt (35 min)

It’s sugar versus salt! Which fabulous flavor will win? The savory mineral we like to lick off pretzels, or the sweet ingredient we like to sprinkle on our cereal?

16 - Mermaids vs Bigfoot (38 min)

Two marvelous, mythical legends make an appearance in this episode. It’s mermaids versus Bigfoot! Which elusive creature will win this smash boom battle? Mermaids, the mysterious sirens that haunt our oceans? Or Bigfoot, the sneaky creature that lurks in forests around the world?