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Smash Boom Best

Cats or Dogs? Pizza or Tacos? Every episode of the debate show Smash Boom Best takes on two really cool things, then smashes them together to let you decide which is best. Debaters use facts and passion to make the case for which item should be crowned the Smash Boom Best.

1 - Bats vs. Owls (26 min)

Wings out, eyes wide — in a battle between bats and owls, who'll swoop in to take the Smash Boom Best prize?

2 - Pizza vs. Tacos (26 min)

It's an all-you-can-eat buffet of difficult decisions where cheesy pizza faces off against tasty tacos. What are you having?

3 - Super Speed vs. Super Strength (31 min)

This battle takes on two out-of-this world superhuman powers. Which would you rather have: super speed or super strength?

4 - Castles vs. Caves (31 min)

Medieval fortresses or chambers of wonder? Our debaters make their pitches for castles and caves to settle this millenia-old rivalry once and for all.

5 - Books vs. Movies (32 min)

Read it or see it? Film buffs face off against book-lovers in this battle between the printed word and silver screen.

6 - Bermuda Triangle vs. Loch Ness (32 min)

A puzzling patch of ocean or a spooky Scottish lake–which of these strange and mysterious destinations is the coolest?

7 - Cats vs. Dogs (24 min)

Ready for one of our most contentious match-ups yet? Find out which furry friend will come out on top.

8 - Lava vs. Quicksand (31 min)

Two natural phenomena go head-to-head in our final match-up of the season. Both are dangerous and fascinating — but only one can win!

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