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Molly and The Sugar Monster

The Sugar Monster has a simple mission in life: Never let kids eat healthy food. Young Molly and her friends also have a mission: Never let the Sugar Monster do his job. Through a variety of silly scenarios and situations, kids learn what it means to eat and be healthy.

Season 1

1 - My First Radio Show (3 min)

Sugar Monster starts his radio career as a guest on Food Talk.

2 - Sugar Monster Steals the Show! (2 min)

Sugar Monster is ready to be the star of the show.

3 - The Muddy Bathtub (2 min)

What could be better than a bathtub full of mud? Sugar Monster is excited to visit Molly's bathroom to see it.

4 - What Kind of Carnival Is This? (2 min)

Molly agrees to take Sugar Monster to a carnival, where there's supposed to be nothing but junk food as far as the eye can see.

5 - Horrible Halloween (4 min)

Wouldn't you think that Halloween would be the Sugar Monster's favorite holiday? Find out why this year's Halloween was a real nightmare.

6 - Rotten Teeth (1 min)

Kids all over the country are losing their teeth because they eat so much sugar. Sugar Monster must be doing something right!

7 - No Exploding Today! (2 min)

Nothing Molly and her friend Gabriel do will make Sugar Monster explode today. But Sugar Monster will not explode today. Nope, not this time...

8 - This Is The Sugar Monster (3 min)

Molly and her friend Hays play an old movie that tries to explain the mysteries of the Sugar Monster.

9 - Claire's Poem (1 min)

Molly plays a recording of a poem from her friend, Claire, who really knows how to make the Sugar Monster angry.

10 - Superstars (2 min)

Molly takes Sugar Monster to visit her class. Will it be a dream, or nightmare?

Season 2

1 - Out of Breath (3 min)

Sugar Monster discovers that kids all over the country are NOT sitting around watching TV. They're playing outside! This has to be stopped!

2 - Trick or Treat (3 min)

Sugar Monster goes trick or treating with Molly and her friends. SOMEONE has to make sure they get enough candy!

3 - The Vacation (2 min)

Molly and her cousin Matt wonder where the Sugar Monster has been recently. They discover that even crusty, grumpy monsters need a little time off.

4 - Two Meals (2 min)

The Sugar Monster learns a lesson about judging a meal by its name, and a lesson about interrupting, too.

5 - Letter from Holland (1 min)

Molly and the Sugar Monster receive a letter and some pictures from children in Holland.

6 - Telephone (2 min)

Molly, Matt, and Skeeter decide to play the game Telephone. Leave it to the Sugar Monster to mess everything up!

7 - Santa's Cookies (2 min)

The Sugar Monster tries to mess up Christmas Eve, but Molly and her cousin Terran save the day (well, the night) with a little help from Santa.

8 - Books, Books, Everywhere! (2 min)

When the Sugar Monster discovers Molly's class gathering up lots of used books, he's thrilled. He hates books, of course. But he's in for a surprise.

9 - The Lemonade Stand (3 min)

Molly and her friend Katie decide to sell lemonade in their neighborhood, but the Sugar Monster doesn’t like their recipe.

Season 3

1 - Sundae in the Park (5 min)

Molly invites the Sugar Monster to join her family’s picnic in the park. She even lets him pick out a dessert for everyone. But will they eat what he chooses?

2 - The Bike Ride (6 min)

The Sugar Monster tries to trick Molly and her babysitter Ella into giving him a free bike ride to see his “doctor.” But they give him a taste of his own medicine!

3 - Meet the Failies (7 min)

The Sugar Monster tries to introduce Molly to his friends Lazy, Hazy, and Cranky–three failed fairies also known as the Failies–who live in a cave.

4 - Too Many Cooks (5 min)

Molly and her friend Millie decide to bake a cake, but that’s easier said than done when the Sugar Monster “volunteers” to help.

5 - April Fool (5 min)

It’s April Fool’s day! Instead of tricking the Sugar Monster, Molly and her babysitter Ella decide to do something nice for him. Or so they think…

6 - The Candy-lympics (6 min)

The Sugar Monster tries to turn eating sweets into a competitive event and–with help from Molly, Millie and the Failies–sets a record for worst idea ever!

7 - Garden Surprise (5 min)

Posing as a farmer, the Sugar Monster sets up a fake vegetable stand selling sugary substitutes. Will Molly and Millie sniff out his plan?

8 - Crunchy & Slimy (6 min)

Seeing Molly with her new hamster inspires the Sugar Monster to find a pet of his own–a slippery slug! He insists that his new friend loves sugar until Molly proves him wrong!

9 - Candy Explosion! (7 min)

The Sugar Monster is thrilled to learn he may be the spokesmonster for a brand new sugar-packed kids’ cereal. But Molly and her babysitter Ella aren’t buying it!

10 - A Visit to the Dentist (6 min)

Molly thinks she has a cavity. The Sugar Monster celebrates all the way to her dentist, but his victory is short-lived–it’s Molly who leaves there all smiles!

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