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The Ultimate Spooktacular Collection of (Screen-Free) Halloween Podcasts & Stories for Kids and Families

Halloween is just around the corner!

Pinna has an epic (and growing!) collection of spooktacular Halloween audio content that will keep you and your kids entertained all October long.

You can listen in the car, during chores, while eating meals, or at bedtime.

Any time is a good time to listen to Pinna!

The list shared below includes podcasts and audiobooks the whole family can enjoy together.

Let’s get started!

Spooky Podcasts and Stories the Whole Family Will Love


Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest - Pinna

Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest is a wildly enchanting fairy tale podcast made in partnership with Adam Gidwitz, bestselling author of A Tale Dark and Grimm. Each episode features a classic fairy tale, bringing to life a world full of curious creatures and mischievous foes. These tales are retold with a surprising flourish to a group of inquisitive kids, who anticipate plot twists, crack jokes, and share their own perspectives on these very Grimm tales.

Origins Unknown - Pinna

Why are residents of Copper Heights receiving strange packages from an unknown sender? Who… or what… is behind the deliveries? It’s up to 16-year old Max Emmerson and his friends to unfurl the mystery behind what’s really going on in the town - before it’s too late!

The Ghost of Jessica Majors - Pinna

Jessica Majors is 11 years old — or 154 if you include all the years she's been dead. After Jessica's mysterious death in 1875, she returns as a ghost in 2017 to find a world much different than the one she left behind. With the help of her 11-year-old descendent Luke, and his soon-to-be step-sister Dahlia, she must confront the supernatural forces threatening the quaint town of Curiosity, Maine.

Searching for Wild Thing - Pinna

Believe in Bigfoot? This legendary creature represents a mystery that still captures our imaginations, and Sasquatch is as popular now as it’s ever been. Why does this creature ignite our imagination? Where does that fascination come from? And why does it persist?

The Creeping Hour - WGBH

Beware, these scary stories will transform you! The Creeping Hour is a horror anthology series hosted by the Creeps, three friends who listened to so many scary stories that they turned into monsters themselves. Gather your whole family to shiver with fright as you listen to the terrifying tales of The Creeping Hour. Listen if you dare. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Mackaroy Uncovered - ABC Radio

In the quiet Australian country town of Mackaroy, something really strange is happening. The school's principal has disappeared, the whole town's internet keeps crashing every night, and people are being watched. Someone, or something, is keeping tabs on everyone who lives there, and best friends Tang and Mitch are on the case. The 14-year-olds have an online show investigating conspiracies, but what they don't realize is that someone really doesn't want them to find out the truth. This will be their toughest investigation yet.

Spooky Troop: The Last Halloween - Wonkybot Studios

In a world ravaged by an ancient monster race-war, a group of young tween supernatural friends from different backgrounds, codenamed “Spooky Troop,” come together to try and restore peace and harmony between monster kind. The Spooky Troop kids, Stewart the Sorcerer, Valerie the Vampire, Willie the Werewolf, Zianna the Zombie, Michael the Monster, Delilah the Demon and Todd the Oddbot discover the Demon King’s plan to wipe out the pitifuls (humans!) on Halloween… and unite to stop him!

Of Fae and Fiends: A Dark Faerie Tale - Fred Greenhalgh

Lizzie returns to her ancestral home in Maine to make an amazing discovery: the woods behind the farmhouse contain a doorway to the mystical realm of Faerie. But a dark storm looms over the horizon of Fae: Lizzie’s Great-Uncle Carlow has enlisted a goblin army to conquer the World Tree, and has set his sights set on our world after… All that stands in Carlow’s way is Lizzie and her unlikely friends: a talking goat, and a sword-fighting weasel.

Hey Story Go! - Pinna

Storytellers Carly C and KB are here to take you on a wild, musical, fantastical story adventure! But they can't do it alone – they need your help to keep the story moving. So get up on your feet and get in on the action with Hey Story Go! For a festive listen, check out Season 1, Episode 5: A Very Haunted Halloween. In this story, the Ghost family is so friendly that no one ever comes trick-or-treating at their haunted mansion on Halloween! Can they finally, for once in their ghostly lives, be really SPOOKY?

The FurryTones - Pinna

The FurryTones are a band of four rockin' foxes who write songs and play music for animal celebrations. Listen for Boom on bass, Bip on drums, Jangle on guitar and Allegro on keyboard. With the help of their parrot manager Bobbi-Bobbi, these bandmates can get any party starty-starty! Have a special listen to Season 2, Episode 10: Mountain Lion Halloween Dance. In this Halloween themed episode, The FurryTones accept a last-minute request to play at the Mountain Lions’ Halloween dance, but will they be able to find costumes in time to perform?

Molly and the Sugar Monster - Pinna

When the sugar coma kicks in, have a listen to this fun podcast for younger kids. The Sugar Monster has a simple mission in life: Never let kids eat healthy food. Young Molly and her friends also have a mission: Never let the Sugar Monster do his job. Through a variety of silly scenarios and situations, kids learn what it means to eat and be healthy.


Teeny Tiny Halloween - by Lauren L. Wohl, read by Elisabeth Rodgers

Children love “jump tales” and this one is perfectly sized for even the littlest to remember after hearing a few times. Every fall the leaves drift down until the teeny tiny woman’s house is buried, but this year she has a few surprises up her teeny tiny sleeves! This clever new story, starring a popular character from folklore, will be a BIG storytime favorite!

The Halloween Parade Problem - by Maggie Murphy, read by Michael Gillick

A cat-and-mouse friendship will make this Halloween parade a success!

Geronimo Stilton #11: It's Halloween, You 'Fraidy Mouse!

Geronimo Stilton is the publisher of The Rodent’s Gazette, Mouse Island’s most “famouse” newspaper. No matter what dangers or mysteries await, he always gets the scoop! It's Halloween on Mouse Island, and it seems like everyone is out to get Geronimo! Oh, how can a 'fraidy mouse ever survive the year's scariest holiday?

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat - by Lucille Colandro, read by Skip Hinnant

The famished old lady swallows a bat, a ghost, an owl, a goblin, and other Halloween treats in this silly, Halloween take on the classic story.

By the Light of the Halloween Moon - by Caroline Stutson, read by Sherry Stringfield

Join the fun as a brave young girl, who would rather play a trick than be gobbled up as a treat, is the star of this spirited romp under an old wooden bridge by the light of the spooky Halloween moon.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow - by Washington Irving, read by Glenn Close

Washington Irving’s eerie tale of romantic rivalry along the Hudson pits the new schoolmaster Ichabod Crane against the local hero and bully, Brom Bones, for the hand of Katrina Van Tassel. This haunting drama climaxes with the appearance of one of the great, legendary ghosts of all time: the headless horseman. This spirited adaptation with music by Tim Story, reflects all the wit, fun and drama of the early American classic.

The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids: Zombies Don't Play Soccer - by Debbie Dadey & Marcia Thornton Jones, read by Vinnie Penna

The Bailey School soccer team hasn't had a lot of success, but their new coach seems like the woman to help whip them into shape. Coach Graves is a little rough around the edges, but she's good at what she does. That is until a strange old lady turns up at one of their practices. After that, Coach Graves has a vacant look in her eyes, mumbles and groans in response to the kids, and moves like she's back from the dead. Can the kids break the spell and bring their coach back to normal in time for their big game?

LuLu Poole's School for Ghouls - by Joanne Lamond, read by Maria Pendolino

Culpepper is a little ghost who isn't very scary. To get ready for Halloween, he goes to Lulu Poole's School for Ghouls!

The Unexplained: The Mummy's Curse - by Bellwether, read by Serra Hirsch

Legend holds that anyone who disturbs the mummy of a pharaoh of ancient Egypt is cursed. Many strange events occurred after the mummy of Tutankhamun was removed from his tomb. Listen to the stories surrounding the curse and decide yourself if The Mummy's Curse is real.

The Wrap-Up

October 31st will be here before you know it! Tune in to Pinna for super fun Halloween stories all month long!

We’re all ears!

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