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The Ghost of Jessica Majors

Jessica Majors is 11 years old — or 154 if you include all the years she's been dead. After Jessica's mysterious death in 1875, she returns as a ghost in 2017 to find a world much different than the one she left behind. With the help of her 11-year-old descendent Luke, and his soon-to-be step-sister Dahlia, she must confront the supernatural forces threatening the quaint town of Curiosity, Maine.

Webby Award Honoree for "Best Series" in Podcast & Digital Audio.

1 - Just Plain 11 (26 min)

While awaiting the arrival of his soon-to-be stepfather and stepsister from New York City, Luke meets a distant relative – one who’s been dead for nearly 150 years.

2 - The Notorious Witch Lady of Curiosity (20 min)

Luke and Jessica try to get answers from the strange woman who lives in the woods.

3 - You’re Real to Me (21 min)

Jessica make an unlikely new friend who teaches her to do something new.

4 - Might as Well be Ghosty (16 min)

Jessica has fun with her new powers, and learns they can useful when something serious is on the line.

5 - Darling Girl (18 min)

Jessica visits the carnival and has a run in with the Mayor.

6 - To Be Alive Again (19 min)

Jessica gets a visit from someone important. Luke, Dahlia and Jessica go on the worst scavenger hunt ever.

7 - The Power of the Goddess (20 min)

Jessica adjusts to her transformation and the new dangers it brings.

8 - True Self (15 min)

Dahlia follows Abbott and learns his secret.

9 - Goodbye, Jessica Majors (23 min)

After learning about her death Jessica must make a painful decision about her life.

10 - Unfinished Business (27 min)

Jessica resolves her unfinished business. But is there still more to be done?

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