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The FurryTones

The FurryTones are a band of four rockin' foxes who write songs and play music for animal celebrations. Listen for Boom on bass, Bip on drums, Jangle on guitar and Allegro on keyboard. With the help of their parrot manager Bobbi-Bobbi, these bandmates can get any party starty-starty! A Parents' Choice FunStuff Award Winner

Season 1

1 - Happy Crabby Birthday! (11 min)

The FurryTones must find a way to get to Highland Island so they can play music at Milo the Sand Crab’s birthday party.

2 - Bat Cave Bat Baby Bat Party (10 min)

On the way to the bat baby party, the band picks up a party guest, but Boom has trouble driving because she's allergic to something in the gift bag.

3 - Sheep Shearing Time (9 min)

On the road to play at the sheep festival, Bip realizes he forgot his drum and the band has to find something for him to play instead.

4 - Ready, Set, Reindeer (10 min)

Freezing temperatures stall the band’s Econo-Swine van on their way to play music at an arctic reindeer race.

5 - Brainy Bunnies and Soggy Cake (8 min)

The bunny graduation cake was accidentally ruined! Can Allegro save the party?

6 - Be a Bee (9 min)

The FurryTones get a helpful tip for sore throats just in time to perform at the bee colony’s Spring Blossom Bash.

7 - Cats and Dogs Go for the Gold (10 min)

On their way to perform at the Cat and Dog Olympics, the FurryTones make a few wrong turns.

8 - Which Little Piggy? (10 min)

The FurryTones lose track of their Econo-Swine van in a parking lot while a barn full of pigs waits to dance.

9 - Happily Ever Rattlers (11 min)

The rattlesnake wedding rings are lost, can the band help find them and save the wedding?

10 - Gopher It! (11 min)

Jangle breaks her amp moments before the Gopherchella music festival but luckily some fellow musicians are there to help.

Season 2

1 - Rocking with the Seals (13 min)

Before the The FurryTones can rock out with the seals, a gust of wind causes trouble for Boom.

2 - Sleepy Bear Brunch (12 min)

The Bears will sleep through their annual Wake-Up Day party, unless the FurryTones coax them out of hibernation.

3 - Rats in Pajamas (13 min)

The FurryTones are set to play at the rats’ “pizza-pajama-palooza” party in the subway, but can they deliver the music and the pizzas?

4 - Parrot Surprise-Surprise! (13 min)

The band is planning a surprise party for Bobbi-Bobbi’s birthday, but keeping it a secret is hard work!

5 - Havarti Party at the Cow Pasture (14 min)

The FurryTones write a song for cheese-making cows, but the cows are too shy to sing along.

6 - Canoe Ride to the Frog Fest (13 min)

On their way to play music at a frog-jumping festival in the swamp, the FurryTones’ canoe springs a leak!

7 - How the FurryTones Met (15 min)

Allegro, Boom, Jangle, and Bip were just music-loving strangers until the Woodland Academy of Music brought them together.

8 - Ha-Ha-Hiding Hyena (11 min)

The FurryTones can’t start the music at the Hyena family reunion until they help find the last player in a hilarious game of hide-and-seek.

9 - Elephant Car Wash Party (13 min)

The FurryTones are ready to play music at the grand opening of the elephant car wash, but a big traffic jam might keep the show from starting!

10 - Mountain Lion Halloween Dance (15 min)

The FurryTones accept a last-minute request to play at the Mountain Lions’ Halloween dance, but will they be able to find costumes in time to perform?

11 - Like FurryTones? Try these. (1 min)

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