The FurryTones - Pinna

The FurryTones

New episodes every Friday! The FurryTones are a band of four rockin' foxes who write songs and play music for animal celebrations. Listen for Boom on bass, Bip on drums, Jangle on guitar and Allegro on keyboard. With the help of their parrot manager Bobbi-Bobbi, these bandmates can get any party starty-starty!

1 - Happy Crabby Birthday! (11 min)

The FurryTones must find a way to get to Highland Island so they can play music at Milo the Sand Crab’s birthday party.

2 - Bat Cave Bat Baby Bat Party (10 min)

On the way to the bat baby party, the band picks up a party guest, but Boom has trouble driving because she's allergic to something in the gift bag.

3 - Sheep Shearing Time (9 min)

On the road to play at the sheep festival, Bip realizes he forgot his drum and the band has to find something for him to play instead.

4 - Ready, Set, Reindeer (10 min)

Freezing temperatures stall the band’s Econo-Swine van on their way to play music at an arctic reindeer race.

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