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Of Fae and Fiends: A Dark Faerie Tale

Lizzie returns to her ancestral home in Maine to make an amazing discovery: the woods behind the farmhouse contain a doorway to the mystical realm of Faerie. But a dark storm looms over the horizon of Fae: Lizzie’s Great-Uncle Carlow has enlisted a goblin army to conquer the World Tree, and has set his sights set on our world after… All that stands in Carlow’s way is Lizzie and her unlikely friends: a talking goat, and a sword-fighting weasel.

1 - Tapes in the Attic (31 min)

Lizzie returns to her family’s ancestral farmhouse in rural Maine and discovers tapes in the attic that reveal an amazing family secret.

2 - Out of the Frying Pan (38 min)

Lizzie and her new friend, Kyle the talking goat, have found a portal to the magical land of Fae. Unfortunately this has put them right in the darkest depths of the ghoul tree forest.

3 - It’s Just a Wyvern! (35 min)

A friend helps Lizzie and Kyle fight a cockatrice, but this help comes with a high price: Lizzie must steal a wyvern’s egg.

4 - Heart of Stone (31 min)

Lost in the catacombs of the Gnome Mountains, Lizzie finds a friend and discovers the power of heart stone.

5 - Mirror, Mirror in the Pool (24 min)

Carlow uses a magic mirror to track down Lizzie and her friends.

6 - The World Tree (33 min)

Lizzie and her friends reach the magical center of the Fae universe: The World Tree itself, and the Queen of Fae, who rules over it.

7 - All Hades Breaks Loose (30 min)

Lizzie breaks a dark enchantment, which unfortunately gives Carlow the opportunity to launch an all-out assault on the World Tree.

8 - The Court of Carlow (30 min)

Lizzie faces a gruesome fate unless her friends are able to overcome their darkest fears and rescue her.

9 - Full Circle (37 min)

The great showdown between the Greenway clan and the cousins from the other side of the wood. Is Lizzie ever going home again?