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Hey Story Go

New episodes every other Wednesday! Storytellers Carly C and KB are here to take you on a wild, musical, fantastical story adventure! But they can't do it alone – they need your help to keep the story moving. So get up on your feet and get in on the action with Hey Story Go!

1 - A Royal Adventure (15 min)

Prince Piccolo has lost his piccolo somewhere in the Magical Forest! Will he find it in time to play the opening musical number at The Royal Ball?

2 - Barnyard Breakout (10 min)

The animals on the farm are NOT where they belong! Farmer Fern and her granddaughter Sam need to get all the animals back where they belong before a bus load of kids come to tour the farm.

3 - Pirate Party (13 min)

Penelope the Pirate is throwing Barnacle Bill a birthday party. But she'll need her plucky Parrot Jolly Roger's help to remember where she buried his present and get to the party on time!

4 - The Two Millionth Annual Intergalactic Games (14 min)

Astrid the Alien is on her way to compete in the Two Millionth Annual Intergalactic Games! Will she take the top prize and become the Alien Athlete of the Year?

5 - A Very Haunted Halloween (13 min)

The Ghost family is so friendly that no one ever comes trick-or-treating at their haunted mansion on Halloween! Can they finally, for once in their ghostly lives, be really SPOOKY?

6 - Show us your Moves! (1 min)

Carly & KB had so much fun dancing to the theme song and think you will too! Ask your parents to record a video of your best moves and email them to for a chance to be in our MUSIC VIDEO!