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The Great Big List of Podcasts, Audiobooks, and Music your Tween Can't Resist

Podcasts are a popular entertainment choice nowadays.

And why not?

They’re screen-free, easily accessible, and there’s something for everyone.

Audiobooks have many of the same benefits.

But, if you have a tween, you know how hard it can be to pull them away from their devices.

So, they may not have hopped on the audio bandwagon — yet.

What you need is something that’s going to engage them...draw them in.

Luckily, Pinna has a whole library full of awesome audio made for kids – and a lot of that was made for older kids.

Their content for tweens is full of compelling storylines, top-notch sound effects, and voice actors who are insanely talented.

When you listen to these podcasts and audiobooks, in many ways, it’s like watching a show.

You just want to keep going to find out what happens next.

We parents love it just as much as our kids...maybe more.

Let’s not forget music.

Pinna also has a variety of study beats, perfect for homework time.

And gaming beats, perfect for...well...gaming.

If you’re on the hunt for audio your tween will love, look no further.

Here’s a list we’ve put together to get you started.

Podcasts, Audiobooks, and Music Your Tween Can’t Resist




We’re all ears!

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Amy Thetford

Amy Thetford

Amy is a freelance writer and homeschooling mom to her tribe of tiny humans. She's fueled by coffee and the desire to do ALL. THE. THINGS. She blogs about all things motherhood at