The Totally Unauthorized Minecraft Fan Show - Pinna

The Totally Unauthorized Minecraft Fan Show

New episodes every Monday! Fan out about all things blocky with real-life Minecraft fans like you! Get ideas for new survival strategies and creative builds. Hear fellow crafters tell their Minecraft stories... from amazing adventures, to devious pranks, to epic fails. Plus, test your own mastery with a Minecraft quiz and a building challenge. Happy crafting!

1 - Survive the Night (10 min)

When you start a new game in survival mode, you have nothing. How do you get a house, a bed, and everything else you need to survive the first night?

2 - The Noble Iron Golem (10 min)

Iron golems are tough—but how tough are they? In this episode, we build a battle arena and match an iron golem against hordes of skeletons. Who will win?

3 - Home Sweet Home (11 min)

How do you build a basic Minecraft house? Our expert fans discuss the rooms you need and how to decorate to make your first house feel like home.

4 - Enter the Nether (12 min)

Are you ready for the Nether? We talk about how to survive in Minecraft’s land of of lava—and some of the great stuff you can find there.

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