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The Totally Unauthorized Pokémon Fan Show

Fan out about all of the weird and wonderful creatures in your Pokedex with real-life Pokemon fans like you! Learn about the anime series, Pokemon history, and all of the different ways kids play Pokemon -- from the card game to Sword and Shield to Pokemon Go and more. Plus, see how well you know your Pokemon with a Name That Pokemon quiz. Gotta catch 'em all!

0 - Trailer (1 min)

1 - Catch 'em All (12 min)

Our expert trainers share their best strategies for catching Pokemon. How many have you caught?

2 - Pika Pika (12 min)

Get to know Pikachu, the electric mouse superstar. Our trainers remember how Ash met his Pikachu and give tips for training a Pikachu of your own.

3 - Biggest Battles (13 min)

Two trainers step into the arena! The battle begins! On this show, we remember our most epic Pokemon battles and talk about how to triumph.

4 - Legendary (14 min)

Ho-Oh, Mewtwo, Cosmog, Eternatus—these Pokemon are legendary! We'll tell their stories and talk about how to catch them.

5 - Card Catchers (16 min)

Some of the top Pokemon trainers battle with cards! We'll show our favorite cards, explain our best strategies, and share ideas for new ways to play.

6 - Evolving (13 min)

Your Pokemon is evolving! We share our favorite evolutions and give tips to evolve some of the trickiest Pokemon.

7 - That's My Team (11 min)

A great trainer needs a great team—six Pokemon to get you through the toughest battles. So, who's on your team?

8 - Dynamax! (13 min)

Pokemon in the Galar region have an incredible new ability: Dynamax! We talk Dynamax battle strategy and how to catch those rare Gigantamax Pokemon.

9 - Trading Up (12 min)

However you play Pokemon, trading is a big part of the game. Find a friend and make a deal for that one Pokemon you REALLY want.

10 - Take Care of Your Pokémon (13 min)

Pokémon is more than collecting and battling. Our expert trainers talk about how to care for your Pokémon so that you become great friends, too.

11 - Pick a side in fan debates (1 min)

12 - Like Pokémon? Try these. (1 min)

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