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The Totally Unauthorized Pokémon Fan Show

New Episodes Every Friday! Fan out about all of the weird and wonderful creatures in your Pokedex with real-life Pokemon fans like you! Learn about the anime series, Pokemon history, and all of the different ways kids play Pokemon -- from the card game to Sword and Shield to Pokemon Go and more. Plus, see how well you know your Pokemon with a Name That Pokemon quiz. Gotta catch 'em all!

1 - Catch 'em All (12 min)

Our expert trainers share their best strategies for catching Pokemon. How many have you caught?

2 - Pika Pika (12 min)

Get to know Pikachu, the electric mouse superstar. Our trainers remember how Ash met his Pikachu and give tips for training a Pikachu of your own.

3 - Biggest Battles (13 min)

Two trainers step into the arena! The battle begins! On this show, we remember our most epic Pokemon battles and talk about how to triumph.

4 - Legendary (14 min)

Ho-Oh, Mewtwo, Cosmog, Eternatus—these Pokemon are legendary! We'll tell their stories and talk about how to catch them.

5 - Card Catchers (16 min)

Some of the top Pokemon trainers battle with cards! We'll show our favorite cards, explain our best strategies, and share ideas for new ways to play.