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6 Spring Break Staycation Ideas You Won't Wanna Miss

Spring break is here.

But what will it look like this year?

Many will opt to stay home, forgoing the traditional spring break trip with family and friends.

If you’re choosing not to travel this year, don’t despair.

There’s still plenty of fun to be had in your hometown — we’ve got you covered.

We’ve got 6 staycation ideas to make your 2021 spring break an experience you won’t wanna forget.

Spring Break Staycation Ideas

1. Citywide Scavenger Hunt

Our city has a really cool company that has put together scavenger hunts of the entire metro area for around $10 apiece.

That price includes a digital download full of clues that lead to local landmarks — including some great places off the beaten path.

You solve the riddles, trek out to each spot, take a selfie with your family, and share on social media tagging the company.

If your area doesn’t have a business that’s already doing this, you could put together a scavenger hunt yourself.

Do some research, pick some local destinations, type up some fun clues, and print them out for your kids to solve.

This is a low-cost way to see your city in a whole new light.

2. “Around The Word” Customs and Cuisine

If traveling is off the table, why not bring the adventure home?

Sit down with your kids and pick a country to explore for the week.

It can be anywhere you’d like — maybe a place you’d like to visit one day?

Then, take time each day to learn.

  • Google is a great resource.
  • Check out some books (both fiction and nonfiction) from the library.
  • Learn a few phrases in a new language.
  • Try out a recipe for dinner (and dessert!) each night.
  • Find some videos on YouTube or a good documentary to watch.
  • Take a virtual field trip of some historic landmarks in your country of choice.
  • Look up your location on Google Earth and spend some time exploring.
  • Tune in to Mother Tongue podcast to learn the language.

Once you’ve spent all week immersing yourself in a new culture, commemorate the experience with some sort of project detailing what everyone learned. This can be a photo collage, slideshow, a family scrapbook, a stop-motion movie (super fun for kids!), or as simple as everyone sharing their favorite part of the week around the table during Friday night dinner.

3. Explore the Great Outdoors

Many times, we forget the treasures we have right in our own backyard.

Indoor activities aren’t happening as much right now, so there’s no better time to explore the great outdoors - and Discover the Forest.

Create a bucket list of outdoor activities/spaces you and your kids want to check out.

These might include playgrounds, rivers, beaches, hiking trails, lakes, nature preserves, bird parks, botanical gardens, and more.

Spend the week checking them off your list. Be sure to pack sunscreen, snacks, and masks for when social distancing isn’t possible.

4. Make Something New

There’s nothing quite like unleashing your inner artist.

And spring break is the perfect time to start a new project (or three!)

With Pinna’s Anytime Art series, you can choose from 10 different projects with 5 days’ worth of virtual lessons — perfect for a weeklong break.

Set up a shelf to display your new creations and the memories you make will live on long after school is back in session.

5. Spring Cleaning

Who doesn’t love a clean house?

As long as you guys have a week off, why not get a little spring cleaning done?

This doesn’t have to be a drag — make it fun!

Write a list and get everyone involved.

Turn on good music or an engaging podcast (this is the perfect time to start a new binge-worthy series like Mackaroy Uncovered, Origins Unknown, Dream Breachers or check out the Pinna playlist "Clean Up" for younger kids) and get to work.

Take frequent breaks and celebrate your success at the end of the week with a movie or game night — including takeout and your family’s favorite dessert!

6. Go Camping

That's right, you don't need to go far to experience camping — set up a tent inside or in the backyard and recreate the experience.

Here are some tips to make the most of the night:

  • Lay out blankets or sleeping bags to make sleeping on the floor or ground comfortable and super cozy. If you have yoga mats, layer those under you for extra comfort.
  • If possible, build a fire pit or, if that's not possible, recreate the experience with string lights or lanterns. (If using live candles or flames, make sure these are fully extinguished before turning in for the night!)
  • Have fun with a camp themed menu - hot dogs, burgers, popcorn, and of course s'mores! Ask your kids to help you plan the "perfect" menu or browse these camping recipes for inspiration.
  • During daylight hours, play a yard game like beanbag toss or a camping related board game. Once nightfall comes, have fun playing flashlight tag or chase fireflies - no bugs required!
  • Finally, no camping trip is complete without a good ghost story. Hook up your phone to a portable speaker and turn on Pinna's "Creep Me Out" playlist or give Searching for Wild Thing, Grimm Grimmer Grimmest, or The Ghost of Jessica Majors a listen.

Plan ahead and gather all the essentials you'll need for the night so that you can commit to staying outside to make it feel like a real rustic getaway (of course, only go inside for emergencies or bathroom breaks).

The Wrap-Up

No matter how you choose to celebrate spring break this year, there are plenty of ways to have fun while sticking close to home.

We’re all ears!

What are your spring break plans? We’d love to hear from you! Find us on all our social platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest – or email us at

Amy Thetford

Amy Thetford

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