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Mother Tongue

Ciao, talofa, hello! Welcome to Mother Tongue - a children’s podcast celebrating the many wonderful languages spoken by families right across Australia, and the world! Learn to say hello in Cantonese, goodbye in Koori, sing a song in Greek, or learn all about the Lebanese flag.

1 - Arabic (6 min)

Marhaba! That means hello in Arabic. In this episode, join our host Sirine - who was born in Lebanon - as she shares some words, songs and traditions from her language and culture.

2 - Italian (7 min)

Ciao means hello in Italian. Sirine’s guest is Mary who talks about language and culture including her favourite gelato flavour and a fun Italian card game.

3 - Greek (6 min)

Yiasou means hello in Greek. In this episode, Sirine is joined by Anthea who shares her language and culture, telling us what the Greek flag means and sharing a story about her grandparents.

4 - Cantonese (7 min)

Nei hou means hello in Cantonese. In this episode Sirine is joined by Angel who grew up in Hong Kong. She shares a fun song and talks about a very yummy snack! Ho mei!

5 - Samoan (8 min)

Talofa! This means hello in the Samoan language. In this episode, Sirine is joined by Milo who grew up in Samoa. He shares special parts of his culture like playing the pate and singing a beautiful song in his mother tongue.

6 - Hindi (7 min)

Namaste means hello in Hindi. Join Sirine as she chats to her friend Sidd whose family comes from India. He tells her all about his language and culture, including the magical-sounding sitar and a colourful festival called Holi.

7 - Koori (8 min)

Bujari gamarruwa means g’day in Koori! That’s one of the many, many Aboriginal languages spoken in Australia. In this episode, Nathan joins Sirine to share the Koori culture, including the sound of the bullroara and the meaning of the Aboriginal flag.

8 - Vietnamese (8 min)

Xin Chao means hello in Vietnamese. Sirine is joined by Nally whose parents are from Vietnam. The Vietnamese language has some special tones that give words different meanings and Nally shares other special parts of her culture including her favourite Vietnamese snack.

9 - Tagalog (8 min)

Kamusta! That means hello in Tagalog, the main language spoken in the Phillipines. In this episode, Sirine’s guest is Jasmina whose parents are from the Philippines and she shares special parts of her culture including a lovely song.

10 - Spanish (7 min)

Hola! That means hello in Spanish. In this episode, Sirine is joined by Lorena whose parents come from Argentina. She grew up speaking both the Spanish and English languages. Find out more about her culture including what her favourite Argentinian snack is.