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5 Playroom Decluttering Tips (And Why Pinna Audio Is The Perfect Choice For Minimalist Family Entertainment!)

Minimalism — it’s a trendy buzzword these days.

But what is it? And why are so many people embracing this way of living?

Minimalism isn’t a new concept, but it’s becoming more well known with the recent release of bestselling books and popular TV shows touting its benefits.

Many would consider minimalism the act of living with less in pursuit of a happier life.

Today, we’re going to discuss minimalism as it relates to children’s toys — the benefits and a few decluttering tips to help you get started.

Bonus: learn why Pinna podcasts and audiobooks are the perfect choice for minimalist family entertainment!

Why Kids Thrive in Uncluttered Spaces

There’s no debate that a clean and clear play space gives kids more room for imaginative play with fewer unwanted distractions. Kids will spend less time feeling overwhelmed by mess and more time playing.

Benefits of a Clutter Free Play Space

  • Lower stress levels
  • Saves money
  • Easier cleanup
  • Fewer broken toys
  • Promotes gratitude
  • Encourages creativity
  • And so many more!

5 Decluttering Tips For Busy Parents

Well, we’ve shared a little bit about why a clutter free play space is beneficial for the whole family. Now, let’s get into the how.

  1. Invite your kids to help. Kids may resist culling toys at first, but when they get a say in what stays and what goes, you’re showing them that you value their input. Not to mention, decluttering is an important skill they’ll need later on in life.
  2. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. There’s no need to tear apart an entire room and overwhelm yourself. If you can spare 15-20 minutes each day, or even once a week, you’ll have it done in no time.
  3. Do the easy stuff first. Broken toys, toy sets and games that are missing parts and pieces, stuff your kids have outgrown — these can go in the toss pile (obviously, donate the stuff that’s still in good shape). It won’t make the hard stuff less hard, but it will make it so you have less hard stuff to sort through later.
  4. Have a plan for the items you’re getting rid of. Trash the broken toys and donate or sell the rest. If you want to donate, pick an organization with a mission you believe in, find out when their donation drop-off days are, and plan accordingly. If you want to make a little extra cash, recruit your kids to help sort items and take pictures. Then, you can sell online and split the profits. This will give them extra incentive to get on board with the decluttering process.
  5. Pump up the jams. Seriously. Create a cleaning playlist and make it a fun experience. Pro tip: binge-worthy Pinna podcasts like Dream Breachers and A to Z Mysteries: Clue Club make the time fly by. Then when you’re done for the day, celebrate your progress with a pat on the back. You did good!

Pinna Audio is the Perfect Choice for Minimalist Family Entertainment

Pinna is an awesome resource for keeping kids busy without acquiring more stuff to maintain, pick up off the floor, and eventually get rid of.

It’s also budget-friendly, screen-free, takes up zero space in your home, goes everywhere with you, and is easily accessible on any smart device. Not to mention, the Pinna library is always growing and has a huge selection for the whole family.

Kids can listen to Pinna in the car, during meals, as they do their chores, while they play, and even at bedtime.

What more could you ask for when shopping for smart ways to keep your kids entertained?

The Wrap-Up

Pinna is an excellent tool for screen-free learning and fun all year round. Keep your kids engaged and entertained with Pinna’s comprehensive and growing library.

We’re all ears!
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