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We're on a Roll — 6 Terrific Transportation Stories For Little Movers

Why are pigs such bad drivers? Because they always hog the road.

Okay, all joking aside…Kids love things that go.

Whether it’s got two wheels, four wheels, or many more — there’s something about vehicles that can make a child’s eyes light up.

That’s why little ones squeal with delight when they see a school bus driving down the road or they can sit at a construction site for hours and never get bored watching the workers operate the heavy equipment.

Below, we’ve got 6 stories to share that your transportation-lovin’ kiddo will wheel-y enjoy.

Let’s get started.

6 Totally Awesome Transportation Stories For Kids

1. Dinosaur Train: Ride Along Adventures

All aboard! Join Buddy, Tiny, Shiny, Don, The Conductor, and many more dinosaur friends on an adventure you won’t soon forget. When you hop on board the Dinosaur Train, you’ll learn exciting dinosaur facts, meet new friends, and most importantly, have a ton of fun along the way.

2. Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!

A Mo Willems classic (in fact, the first children’s book he ever released!), Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus is an endearing story about the shenanigans that ensue when a bus driver takes a break from his route and a pigeon steps in to save the day.

3. The Wheels on the Bus

Popular children’s song, The Wheels on the Bus, is brought to life in this delightful story written by Paul O. Zelinsky. As a special treat, you’ll also enjoy a musical number by the talented Bacon Brothers duo — yes, that includes Kevin Bacon!

4. Duck on a Bike

A duck on a bike — who’s ever heard of such a thing!? In this witty story, you’ll hear about Duck’s zany idea to ride a bike and what all his barnyard friends have to say about it. Will Duck’s bike ride go according to plan? Listen along to find out.

5. Clifford Takes a Trip

Emily Elizabeth’s family is headed out on a summer vacation. Sadly, Clifford gets left behind. He’s not going to let that stop him though. Clifford decides to embark on an adventure of his own as he sets off to find his best friend.

6. The Magic School Bus Series

Who says learning can’t be fun? When you put Ms. Frizzle in charge, you never know what direction the day will take! Most of us grew up reading The Magic School Bus series in school. Now, many of these childhood favorites can be found in audiobook format — several of which are included with your Pinna subscription! Check out The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System, The Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor, The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body, The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth, The Magic School Bus in the Time of the Dinosaurs, and The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge.

The Wrap-Up

Pinna’s audio library is diverse and offers something for everyone. The booklist above will give you an excellent starting point when your kiddo is ready to roll out on an adventure.

We’re all ears!

What is your favorite story for little movers? We’d love to hear from you! Find us on all our social platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest – or email us at

Amy Thetford

Amy Thetford

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