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Dinosaur Train: Ride Along Adventures

Come aboard the Dinosaur Train alongside Buddy, Tiny, Shiny, Don, the Conductor and many more dinosaur friends! In each episode, our heroes take the Dinosaur Train to a wide range of destinations where they embark on adventures, catch up with familiar friends, and meet some new ones, too. All aboard!!

1 - Train Day Trouble (11 min)

It's Tank Triceratops' birthday and he’s really excited about his birthday picnic! But when the Dinosaur Train breaks down with Tank and Buddy aboard, will he miss his own party?

2 - Spelunking (9 min)

Buddy and Tiny are going spelunking with Vlad Volaticotherium. The siblings will need to listen closely to explore Vlad’s cave, investigate some mysterious sounds, and do some bug hunting!

3 - Don’s Favorite Stick (10 min)

Don is devastated when he loses some of his favorite things, so Mr. Pteranodon and Buddy take him on a mission to Big Pond to see if they can find his lost treasures.

4 - Girls Just Want to Campout (10 min)

Tiny, Shiny, and Mrs. Pteranodon have a girls’ night out in the wilderness when they head to Big Pond for an overnight camping trip.

5 - Frog Sweet Home (9 min)

When a young frog named Becca finds herself far from home, Buddy, Tiny, and Mrs. Pteranodon embark on a grand adventure to get her back in time for dinner.

6 - Whompin’ Stompin’ Dinosaur Feet (10 min)

Mikey Microraptor is sick of being tiny - he’s always being talked over and pushed over and no one takes him seriously. Can Buddy and Daphne Dapletosaurus help Mikey discover some big advantages to being small?

7 - Laura’s Birdsong (10 min)

Buddy and Tiny work with the Conductor to surprise Laura Giganotosaurus with a trip on the Dinosaur Train to a very special destination.

8 - Hootin’ Tootin’ Hadrosaurs (8 min)

Buddy takes the Dinosaur Train for a “hoot-iful” playdate with his friends Cory and Perry. But when they play “hide and hoot” in Corythosaurus Canyon, they might find more than they were expecting!

9 - 1-2-3-Hatch! (10 min)

Shiny and Mrs. Pteranodon go to visit their friend Millie Maiasaura at Big Pond Beach, where they get to babysit her eggs - and maybe even see them hatch!

10 - If Don Ran the Dining Car (11 min)

Don gets to live his dream of assisting the Chef in the Dinosaur Train dining car, but there’s one problem - he doesn’t know how to cook. Can Buddy and the Chef help Don learn the ropes in time to feed a horde of hungry Eoraptors?