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Podcasters U: How to create a podcast at home featuring advice and resources from Pinna

Are your kids podcast listeners who want to become podcast creators? This is the place to start! We’ve got tips, tools, and tons of inspiration for them to make great podcasts.

Listen along to our Podcasters U series, where we’ll walk through the basics in ‘How to Make a Podcast’ and dive deeper with episodes that explore different types of podcasts and techniques.

Plus, check out the below list of best practices, pro tips, and resources your kids will need to get started.

Send us your kids’ episodes! We want to showcase the great work that kids make and feature it on Pinna! If possible, we’d also love to see your kid-created show art or behind the scenes pictures!

Remember, any work submitted should honor the Pinna Podcasters U pledge!

I promise to listen closely, think creatively, and have as much fun as possible while making my own podcast! And, in the process, I promise to only use words, sounds, and art that are my own, or that I have permission to use.

If you have any questions while creating your podcast, feel free to reach out to us at!

Tips, tools, and resources for how to make a podcast

The Wrap-Up

Creating podcasts at home or school can be rewarding and FUN! With so many different types and formats, plus many other elements mentioned throughout Podcasters U, your kids can make something unique and special, all on their own! And remember, we're always here to help -- reach out to us at with any questions. Happy podcasting!

We’re all ears!

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Pinna staff

Pinna staff