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Podcasters U

Are you a podcast listener who’s ready to become a podcast creator? This is the place to start! We’ve got tips, tools, and tons of inspiration for you to make a great podcast. Get the basics in ‘How to Make a Podcast’ and then follow along with episodes that will walk you through different types of podcasts and techniques. And for more resources, ask a parent or teacher to visit

0 - How to Make a Podcast (22 min)

Start your podcast here with tips on scripting, recording and editing.

1 - Art of the Interview (1 min)

Coming June 6

2 - Information Station (1 min)

Coming June 13

3 - Play That Podcast (1 min)

Coming June 20

4 - Fuel Your Fiction (1 min)

Coming June 27

5 - Cast of Characters (1 min)

Coming July 4

6 - Sound Lab (1 min)

Coming July 11