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How Pinna's 'Decision Tree' Can Help You and Your Kids Choose What to Listen to Next

What do you do when you finish an awesome podcast? When there are no more episodes left and the next season isn’t out yet?

It’s a conundrum, for sure!

Do you listen to it all over again? Or do you hope you can find a new one you enjoy just as much?

If you or your kids face this problem on Pinna — because, let’s face it, the podcasts are ALL so good! — we’ve got your fix.

Check out the Decision Tree!

What is the Decision Tree? You may be scratching your head and wondering what on earth we’re talking about.

Never fear. We’re gonna explain it all down below.

What is the Decision Tree?

The Decision Tree is a handy tool meant to help you and your kids pick out your next podcast when you’re having trouble deciding what to listen to.

It’s a guided chart that allows you to start with your child’s interests and work your way through a series of questions, ultimately landing you with some interesting new podcast choices!

Even if you don’t use the Decision Tree every time you’re ready to start a new series, the simple act of asking these questions will help you figure out what genre you and your child want to check out.

From there, you can narrow down your options and choose what to listen to next.

How do I use the Decision Tree?

The beautiful thing about the Decision Tree is that it’s completely flexible.

You can let siblings take turns choosing the next podcast using the Decision Tree to guide their selection.

Or you can answer the questions together as a family and find something everyone agrees on.

Another option is to narrow down your choices to one particular genre and get on Pinna to explore their growing library of audio content.

You can also ask your kids a few questions from the Decision Tree as prompts to get the wheels turning when picking out your next family podcast.

Where else can I explore Pinna’s growing library of audio content?

Aside from the Decision Tree, you’ve got many options for exploring Pinna’s collection of podcasts, audiobooks, and music.

If you’re in search of Study Beats, we’ve got you covered.

Looking for shows about science? Pinna has plenty of those too.

If your kid is into animals, look no further.

Got a math-minded kiddo? Check out Pinna’s selection of content all about numbers.

Amateur detective in search of a perplexing puzzle to solve? See our roundup of mysteries.

If you’re looking for classic children’s books, Pinna has lots of them.

Need a laugh? Looking for conversation starters? In search of rainy day fun?

Whatever you’re looking for, Pinna has something for everyone.

What should I do next?

Check out the robust Pinna app to see a growing library of digital audio content for kids ages 3-12.

Once you do, you’ll see that there’s more than enough content for the whole family to enjoy a yearly subscription.

If you’re already a subscriber, go ahead and bookmark this post so you can refer back to the Decision Tree any time you’re having trouble choosing what to listen to next.


We’re all ears!

How will you use the Decision Tree to pick your next podcast? We’d love to hear from you! Find us on all our social platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest – or email us at

Amy Thetford

Amy Thetford

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