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10 Super Fun (And Low-Cost!) Playdate Ideas For Kids Of Any Age

Looking for new playdate ideas to refresh your kiddo’s social calendar?

You’re not alone.

The thing is, many of the tried and true activities we once enjoyed are not so wallet-friendly anymore. With inflation and price increases, many of us have had to cut costs.

Can we still have fun without compromising the family budget? You bet!

Below, we’re sharing 10 low-cost playdate ideas for kids of any age — including some creative ways to incorporate your favorite Pinna podcasts into playdates with friends.

Let’s jump in.

5 Playdate Ideas For Younger Kids

1. Plan a picnic in the park.

Yes, parks are a common destination for parents planning playdates, but you can take it up a notch or two by timing your meetup to occur around mealtime. Then, you can pack a picnic and enjoy an al fresco dining experience while the kids play together.

2. Make your own mud kitchen.

Kids love to make messes…that’s a fact. If you’ve got a backyard, check out Pinterest and learn how to build your own mud kitchen. Then, invite your little one’s friends over in clothes meant to get dirty and let them go to town.

3. Go on a walk around the block.

There are plenty of free nature-themed scavenger hunts you can print out online: here are several good ones shared on the Green Child Magazine website! These are a fun way to keep kids engaged while walking in your neighborhood.

4. Bake and decorate cupcakes.

For kids who love spending time in the kitchen, baking and decorating cupcakes is an entertaining and budget-friendly way to spend an afternoon. Bonus: the end result is a tasty treat!

5. Act out a story.

First, take a trip to your local dollar store to find some weird and fun items for the kids to use for dress-up (bonus, you may have some items in your closet or stored in the attic). Then, turn on Hey Story Go! and watch the kids act out the stories and play along to this movement-based podcast. For extra fun, rinse and repeat!

5 Playdate Ideas For Older Kids

1. Volunteer at an animal shelter.

Volunteering is an excellent way for kids (and adults!) to give back to their community — and it’s even more fun when it’s done together. Plus, who doesn’t love spending time with animals!?

2. Take a hike.

While most playdates center around meeting up at a park (and playgrounds are always a blast!), hitting up a nearby hiking trail is another way to get kids active and spending time outdoors. Pro tip: if you’re new to hiking, start slow by finding an easy trail with mostly even terrain.

3. Host a game night.

Older kids may not go for playdates in a traditional sense, but game nights are an all-age activity that everyone can enjoy together. Gather up some of your kiddo’s friends — and their parents! — and host a board game night for the whole crew.

4. Movie marathon, ftw!

Pick a kid-friendly movie — one that has a sequel for double the fun! — and plan a theme night around your chosen production. Don’t forget the snacks!

5. Let your creative side loose with Anytime Art.

Anytime Art on Pinna is an engaging way to let kids explore a variety of creative pursuits with an awesome teacher to guide them along the way. Choose from 10 different projects to get started!

The Wrap-Up

Pinna is an excellent tool for screen-free learning and fun all year round. Keep your kids engaged and entertained with Pinna’s comprehensive and growing library.

We’re all ears!

Which playdate idea will you try? We’d love to hear from you! Find us on all our social platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest – or email us at

Amy Thetford

Amy Thetford

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