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The Story Seeds Podcast

The Story Seeds Podcast celebrates young people's imagination and creativity. On each episode, kids meet up and collaborate with famous authors to grow their story ideas. Follow along as the author takes inspiration from their meeting and grows an original story that you get to hear on the show!

1 - The Magic Seed (26 min)

Dan Gutman, author of the My Weird School books, collaborates with 11-year old Hannah to grow her story seed about, err, a wish-fulfilling seed!

2 - From Homeschool to Public School (23 min)

Newbery winning author Veera Hiranandani collaborates with 10-year old Willa on her story about making the switch from homeschool to public school.

3 - The View From the Top (26 min)

Chris Grabenstein, author of the Mr. Lemoncello’s Library series, helps 13-year old Jasper grow his story seed about a 74 foot tall detective.

4 - Heroes and Queens (27 min)

Aram Kim, author/illustrator of No Kimchi For Me, joins forces with 7-year old Cici to grow her story seed about a new superhero: Electric Kitty!

5 - The Hungry Mirror (28 min)

Rajani LaRocca, author of Midsummer’s Mayhem, teams up with 12-year old Liyana's to grow a story seed about a girl who finds a magic mirror!

6 - The Paintbrush of Doom (38 min)

Carlos Hernandez, author of the Sal and Gabi series, works with twins Siri and Zarana on a story about a magical paintbrush!

7 - Barking Up the Right Tree (29 min)

Tracey Baptiste, author of The Jumbies series, and 12-year old Amalia dream up a fantasy tale about a girl and a special tree in her backyard.

8 - A Girl Who Looks Like Me (30 min)

Susan Muaddi Darraj, author of the Farah Rocks series, collaborates with 12-year old Sulaf on a whodunnit mystery set in a Broadway theater.

9 - Look Before You Eat! (27 min)

Bil Lepp, a professional storyteller, and 11-year old Keshav cook up a fractured fable about a cow, bunny, fox, wolf, and some chilli peppers!

10 - A Worm's Worth (36 min)

Jason Reynolds, National Ambassador for Young People's Literature, teams up with 12-year old Irthan on a story about an earthworm that becomes human every full moon.