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Savvy and WonderHair

YOU get to be Detective Savvy in this detective series! Together with silly Detective WonderHair and the robot Bubbles, you'll go on crazy adventures, solve mysteries and learn about robotics, music, astronomy and more. Listen with headphones to enjoy 360° audio.

1 - Runaway Robot (15 min)

While trying to build a robot, Savvy and WonderHair learn that robots work just like humans: every part is important!

2 - At Home in the Garden (16 min)

Savvy and WonderHair have been shrunk by their new teleportation machine! They learn about insects in the garden and help a mouse find a new home.

3 - A Musical Mystery (15 min)

Tonight's musical performance can't happen because the instruments have forgotten which instrument they are! Can Savvy and WonderHair save the concert?

4 - Deep Space Bubbles: Part 1 (16 min)

Bubbles the Robot has accidentally teleported himself into outer space! Savvy and WonderHair take a shuttle to find him.

5 - Deep Space Bubbles: Part 2 (16 min)

As Savvy and WonderHair continue their search for Bubbles the Robot, they run into Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

6 - Lunt's Lunch (18 min)

Savvy and WonderHair visit a police station to get tips from a real detective and take on the mysterious case of the missing lunch!

7 - Poor Penguins (16 min)

Why don't penguins wear hats and coats if they live in the freezing cold? With their new and improved portable teleportation machine, Savvy and WonderHair travel to find out.

8 - Achoo (16 min)

Uh-oh, WonderHair's caught a cold and needs some rest! It's up to Savvy and Bubbles to find out how to make WonderHair feel better.

9 - Junk and Junk and Junk (18 min)

Cleaning up the workshop isn't any fun, unless you have clean machines! Savvy and WonderHair come up with some wacky ideas on how to clean up and help the environment.

10 - Ghosts and Ghouls (18 min)

When Bubbles hides in a haunted house during a game and hide and seek, Savvy and WonderHair must be brave and go find him.