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The Totally Unauthorized Video Game Fan Show

Fan out about all things video games with real gamers like you! From well-known hits like Roblox, Minecraft, and Among Us, to hidden gems like Undertale and Polytopia, learn about all of the different games kids love to play and the strategies they use to play them. Plus, see how well you know your video game characters with our Who Am I? quiz, and hear other kids tales of video game triumphs!

0 - The Totally Unauthorized Video Game Fan Show Trailer (1 min)

1 - Among Us (14 min)

Our gamers discuss how to survive as a hardworking crewmate — or bring down the ship as a murderous impostor.

2 - Mario! (14 min)

Meet Mario, video game megastar. We'll jump through some of his legendary platformers, and then design our own Mario levels.

3 - Roblox (13 min)

Everyone is playing Roblox! With millions of Roblox games to choose from, our gamers introduce their favorites.

4 - More Roblox (13 min)

We take a deep dive into the best (and weirdest) Roblox games, and brainstorm the games we would make.

5 - Phone Favorites (14 min)

A phone is like a gaming system in your pocket! From sidescrolling, to grand strategy, to cat collecting—our gamers share their mobile picks.

6 - Animal Crossing (14 min)

Our gamers build their best islands and hang out with their favorite villagers in the world’s chillest video game. Come visit!

7 - Rocket League (13 min)

Your car flips through the air, knocking a giant soccer ball into the goal! We're playing Rocket League—the best game ever to combine cars and soccer.

8 - Hidden Gems (14 min)

With so many video games, it's easy to miss some great ones. Our gamers share their "hidden gems"—weird or wonderful games we think you should try.

9 - Super Smash (14 min)

Are you ready to brawl? Our gamers step into the arena to share their favorite fighters and best Smash Bros. strategies.

10 - Minecraft Forever (15 min)

From building castles to battling the Ender Dragon, Minecraft is one of the greatest video games of all time. What's your favorite way to play?

11 - Pick a side in fan debates (1 min)

12 - Like The Totally Unauthorized Video Game Fan Show? Try these. (1 min)

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