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That's Rich

Designer pig Maximillion Banks is your flashy and fabulous host who's on a mission to discover the ritziest and richest treasures this world has to offer. Explore a sparkling world full of wealth both pricey and priceless.

1 - Mona Lisa's Stolen Smile (2 min)

A real rags to riches story! Discover how a daring art heist transformed the once unknown Mona Lisa and her twinkling smile into one of the world’s most priceless art pieces.

2 - Starstruck (2 min)

Seeing the stars sparkle in the night sky is one of the richest experiences on Earth. Join Max as he uncovers the science behind why stars twinkle.

3 - King Tut's Blingtastic Tomb (2 min)

Explore the tomb of King Tut and all the riches this famous pharaoh was buried with, from his gleaming gold coffin to glittering jewels and yes, even underwear!

4 - GlowUp Worms (2 min)

Get mesmerized by the glimmering glowworms of New Zealand's Waitomo Caves and explore how these beautiful bugs light up the dark.

5 - Wacky Money (2 min)

Bring on the bills! We may use paper and coins today, but what was used as money way back when? Discover history's wackiest bling from parmesan cheese to salt and everything in between!

6 - The Hope Diamond (3 min)

Bright blue and mesmerizingly large, it's one of the most iconic diamonds in the world. Oh, and it's also supposedly cursed! Learn about the glimmering history behind this priceless gem.

7 - Flashy Food (3 min)

Order from the fanciest menus around the globe and tuck into gold flaked ice cream, pule cheese, and gourmet sandwiches as you find out why you're seeing dollar signs in these flashy foods.

8 - Cave of Crystals (2 min)

Deep beneath the Earth there's a cave filled with some of the biggest pieces of bling on the planet: Crystals! Get ready to explore this hidden cave of wonders.

9 - Perfect Pearls (3 min)

From teeny tiny particles to smooth natural marvel, find out how pearls are made. Dive in and discover the largest pearl on the planet and why these glimmering gemstones are so valuable.

10 - Posh Palaces (2 min)

Let's go house hunting! But only a palace will do. Discover some of the world's most blinged out houses fit for royalty.

11 - It's Raining Diamonds (2 min)

And they say diamonds don't fall from the sky! On some planets in our solar system, they certainly do. How does this happen and will we need a bigger umbrella?

12 - The Case of the Golden Toilet (2 min)

It's the Case of the Flashy Flusher! When an 18 carat solid gold toilet has been stolen from a museum. This sounds like a case for Pigtective Maximillion Banks!

13 - Buried Treasure (2 min)

X marks the spot! Join us on an epic treasure hunt as we dig up the mysteries behind pirate treasure!

14 - Decadent Decorators (2 min)

Even animals can't resist the sparkle! Meet the bowerbird, an avian aficionado who really knows how to strut his stuff. Learn about the ultimate decorator of the animal kingdom!

15 - Gotta Collect 'Em All (2 min)

Card collecting can bring in the big bucks. Pokemon cards may be worth thousands now, but that's chump change compared to some of the most valuable baseball trading cards. Find out what they are and some of the strange places they've popped up in.

16 - Blast off to Bling (2 min)

Bling is out of this world--literally! Scientists use gold and other materials we value here on earth to build telescopes and even to shield astronauts' eyes from the Sun. Discover the most expensive thing ever built--the ISS-and more in this episode all about sparkly space tech.

17 - The Crown Jewels (3 min)

Time for Maximillion Banks to refresh his wardrobe with bling fit for a king or queen! Explore gorgeous crowns and the priceless gemstones that adorn them.

18 - Rich Pets (2 min)

Check in on Maximillion Banks' flashiest animal friends! Whether they're fitted with the latest diamond dog collar, drooling over in an Italian villa, or figuring out how to spend their fortunes, meet real pets curled up in the lap of luxury.

19 - Brilliant Butterflies (2 min)

Meet the butterfly, an incredible insect that depends on its beauty and sparkle to help it survive.

20 - Fool's Gold (3 min)

This mineral isn't fooling anyone ... or is it? Learn about pyrite aka fool's gold and why it's so easy to mistake this rock for the real thing.