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Tara Tremendous: The Egyptian Curse

To stop an ancient evil from destroying the world, Tara must unlock the secret behind a mysterious symbol she’s been seeing in her dreams. Parents' Choice Gold Winner!

1 - The Symbol (21 min)

When Tara sees a strange symbol in her dream, she’s convinced it holds a cryptic message and becomes determined to unlock its meaning.

2 - The Chamber (21 min)

As her dreams continue to intensify, Tara finds herself in a secret Egyptian tomb where she's one step closer to solving the mystery of the symbol’s origin… and even closer to discovering an ancient evil.

3 - Something Wicked (19 min)

Tara’s obsession with the symbol is starting to worry Chloe. Meanwhile, a new teacher arrives at Power University and upsets both students and faculty. Professor Epicopolis meets with an investor to back his newest venture.

4 - The Tattoo (15 min)

Tara makes a shocking discovery. Meanwhile, in-fighting between Power U faculty members threatens to undermine the entire campus.

5 - After Hours (18 min)

Tara breaks Power U rules in order to carry out her investigation. Meanwhile, Professor Epicopolis arrives in Egypt.

6 - The Choice (17 min)

Tara wrestles with a decision that could damage someone she loves.

7 - Into The Mind (15 min)

To get the answers she’s looking for, Tara must tap into a dangerous super power. Meanwhile, Tara’s aunt Lucinda taps into the American people.

8 - The Gathering Storm, Part 1 (15 min)

Back at Power University, Tara waits for the faculty to decide her fate.

9 - The Gathering Storm, Part 2 (10 min)

The fate of a hero's future is decided.

10 - The Letter (16 min)

As Tara deals with the consequences of her actions, a letter could hold the key to moving forward.

11 - The Tomb Shall Set You Free (15 min)

When Tara meets Destiny, the pieces of the puzzle fall into place and a race against time begins.

12 - Unleashed (22 min)

Tara and Destiny join forces to stop an ancient evil that threatens the world. But will they stop it in time?