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Season Isle

10-year-old twins Juniper and Zephyr Hillhouse live in a magical house at the center of an enchanted island divided into four seasons. Sometimes, a problem arising in one season of the island can only be solved with assistance from another season. In these moments of need, the inhabitants of Season Isle turn to the twins for help. Will Juniper and Zeph be able to help the seasons find harmony? Tag along on their quests to find out! Webby Award Honoree for Best Original Music/Sound Design. Parent's Choice Award Silver winner. Listen with headphones to enjoy 360° audio.

Season 1

1 - Bottles at Breakfast (9 min)

Juniper and Zeph receive an urgent message in a bottle from Fairtalker, advisor to Chief Engineer Stoneshaper of Winter.

2 - Welcome to the Fundament (12 min)

Juniper and Zeph zipline to Icetown, the capital of Winter, to seek out Chief Engineer Stoneshaper.

3 - Penguins in Peril (9 min)

Juniper, Zeph, and Chief Engineer Stoneshaper are headed to Autumn when they encounter a penguin family in trouble.

4 - King Tallbridge’s Court (12 min)

The Twins and Stoneshaper travel to King Tallbridge’s Court in search of the cure for Blue Fever.

5 - The Orangease Grove (13 min)

Something’s wrong with Autumn’s Orangease Grove; can The Twins and Stoneshaper engineer a solution?

Season 2

1 - Stowaway (7 min)

Juniper and Zeph receive an urgent request for help in Autumn and quickly realize that they may have caused the problem.

2 - Tiny Monster (14 min)

The Twins arrive in the Heart of Autumn and confront a tiny monster.

3 - River Rapids (15 min)

The Twins brave the river rapids in hopes of reaching Summer quickly.

4 - Summer Skies (10 min)

The Twins run into old friends in Summer who help their hopes take flight.

5 - Return to Autumn (11 min)

Time is running out—will The Twins reach Autumn in time to save the Harvest Festival?

Season 3

1 - Turtle Trouble (9 min)

The Twins receive a mysterious message from the Turtle Triplets in Summer.

2 - Caterwauling (10 min)

Juniper and Zeph discover the cause of the Turtle Triplets’ trouble.

3 - A Teacher in the Trees (10 min)

The Twins travel to Spring in search of a very special teacher.

4 - Dust Devil (7 min)

The Twins and Feldspar learn a new lesson in Summer.

5 - What Goes Up (11 min)

The Summer cats gain a teacher and The Twins gain a ride to House.

Season 4

1 - Trouble Blooms (11 min)

The Twins receive a top secret bottle from a worried friend in Spring.

2 - Honeycomb Hills (13 min)

Queen Dewdrop is in a very sticky situation—will The Twins and Tweep be able to help?

3 - The Last Cold (16 min)

Princess Bluebell flies The Twins and Tweep to Winter—but it’s up to The Twins and Tweep to find their way to Icetown.

4 - The Cavern of the Fang (11 min)

The Twins, Tweep, and Trailwalker journey deep into the Great Caves in search of ancient, magical ice.

5 - Ice is Nice (12 min)

The Twins and Tweep return to Spring bearing a special icy gift; will Spring beings warm to Winter?