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Science Your Way Out of It

Survive some of the most dangerous and sometimes absurd scenarios with the power of science! Join pro survivalist Colbalt Bunsen and his intrepid film crew to learn how to survive with science on your side!

1 - Lost in a Maze (3 min)

Have you become a hapless wanderer stuck in a maddening maze? Learn the best strategies to get out of a labyrinth, from wall following to other mathmatical techniques that are sure to get you to the finish line in no time.

2 - Jellyfish Jam (3 min)

Ouch! Learn strategies on how to stop the sting from the ocean's most gelatinous animal. (Hint: Don't pee on it!)

3 - Quicksand Quagmire (4 min)

It’s a classic movie scene … but if you’ve stepped in quicksand, will you actually sink? And what’s the best way to get unstuck? Learn how you can use physics to pull yourself out of this sticky situation.

4 - Bearly Made It (4 min)

Encountering a bear on the trail may sound un-bear-able but with science on your side, you can survive! Learn what to do (and what not to do) during an unexpected bear encounter and why shouting em-bear-assing bear puns actually works!

5 - Epic Avalanche (4 min)

When a mountain of snow comes crashing down, discover survival techniques at high altitudes and the best strategies for digging yourself out when you're stuck in a snowy spot.

6 - Shark Attack! (3 min)

Staring down a jaw full of chompers? Don’t fear the fin! Learn how to use physics and knowledge of anatomy to outsmart the shark and keep your beach day bite free.

7 - Staying Warm (3 min)

One of the first things any adventurer needs to survive in the great outdoors is a warm cozy fire. Colbalt will help you warm up and have you comprehending the chemistry of combustion so you can heat up hot cocoa in no time.

8 - Marooned! (4 min)

Being stranded on a deserted island may seem dire, but Colbalt will help set you up for success by becoming a master of environment ed: Collect water, build a shelter, and uncover tactical tips to keep your heath hearty and turn your into a solo beach vacation. Well, as long as there's pizza delivery out here...

9 - Twisting Tornadoes (4 min)

The air horn is blasting and winds are whipping. A tornado is on the move! In a sitch like this, physics is your friend. Learn why and where the wind whips as well as how to hunker down with these survival tips.

10 - Desert Mirage (4 min)

You wander through a hot desert looking for water, and there it is ... a pink alligator licking an ice cream cone. Wait, that’s no alligator … that’s a mirage! Learn what a mirage is and how to break the illusion. Also how to beat the heat and where to find water in arid climates.