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Roasting Vegetables

The oven is on and the zingers are piping hot, as rival vegetables face off to see whose sick burns will put the other in hot water.

1 - It's Getting Hot in Here (3 min)

Chili Pepper vs. Bell Pepper

2 - It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Greens (3 min)

Kale vs. Collard Greens

3 - Kid Favorite Face Off (3 min)

Carrot vs. Peas

4 - It Ain’t No PUN, If The Hominy Can’t Have None (4 min)

Corn vs. Mushroom

5 - Taters Gonna Tate (4 min)

Potato vs. Sweet Potato

6 - Bean There, Done That (4 min)

Cabbage vs. Green Bean

7 - Stinky Standoff (4 min)

Onion vs. Garlic

8 - Cruciferous Championship (3 min)

Broccoli vs. Bok Choy

9 - Summertime Smackdown (4 min)

Tomato vs. Zucchini

10 - Two Veggie Raps To Go, Please (5 min)

Beets vs. Brussels Sprout